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Just wondering what people think of the TV show "Scrubs" It's a comedy about the daily lives of medical residents. One of them is engaged to a nurse. They protray the nurses as strong... Read More

  1. by   Aneroo
    LOVE IT! Liked Michael J Fox on there...he rocked. Haven't been able to watch it lately. -Andrea
  2. by   RutterMama
    I know this is goofy... just wondering...

    Does anyone watch the show Scrubs? How do you like it? Do you see it as medically/socially accurate?

    They do have the stamp of approval by the AMA as being medically accurate.

    Just was wondering as hubby & I are sitting here watching it. (I LOVE IT!)
  3. by   NursingIs4CoolPeople
    I love scrubs but it's quite dissapointing when entering the hospital. They have people everywhere doing things docs and lawyers and all but in reality the hallways are always empty and might find only 1 or 2 nurses at the nursing station. I would love to work at sacred heart though. I wish there was a doctor like dr. cox where i work or have cilnicals that i can look up to. :-)
  4. by   _Angel_
    I'm not a nurse or anything, but I hope to be one! Scrubs is one of my favorite shows! And it just happens that Sacred Heart was the name of my elementary school! I found that to be quite a nice surprise / coincidence.
  5. by   Cherry2000
    I love Scrubs!!! I don't worry about how medically accurate they are (I don't think they have enough nurses on there!) I just think it is sooooooooo funny!!!
  6. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Oooh, it is my FAVORITE!

    What about the musical episode? It is on my Tivo permanantly. "Everything comes down to poop!" :roll:roll:roll