trouble with this site HELP

  1. AM I the only one having trouble. I get logged in ok and even read a few threads but then it will start giveing me a page that says cannot view page at this time. What am I doing wrong?
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  3. by   altomga
    that hasn't happened to me..any moderators out there that can help??
  4. by   LeesieBug
    It's not just you, I have been having the same problem the last couple days.
  5. by   P_RN
    Try clearing your cache. Too many cookies will definitely slow it down. If you are on dial-up you will surely slow down during peak times. Also check your settings for your browser to see that you ask for a new page everytime it opens. Right click in MY COMPUTER --->PROPERTIES and see what resources you have left. You may need to close some programs.
  6. by   LeesieBug
    Its not the computer..its the website.
  7. by   luvbug
    I get this quite often, too. I find that if you try it again in a minute or two, it usually works. I chalk it up to the fact that I live in a small town and the internet service out here isn't exactly top choice.

    Good quote: "life's a dance, you learn as you go"
  8. by   P_RN
    I'm sorry I don't have that particular problem. What speed computer and what internet connection do you have?
  9. by   KevinN
    I am also having trouble with a few particular pages such as the General nursing and student nursing pages. Every time I try to view them they will continuously reload. I have to press the stop button to be able to view them.

  10. by   angelbear
    My problem was with my laptop which I broke. I broke the little cord thingy that plugs the phone line into the pcmcia card or something like that my laptop recognizes the card but not that it is plugged into a phone jack. What ever it is driving me nuts I was quite addicted to my laptop.
  11. by   sbic56

    This site has been unstable for the past few days. I have been getting that messsage as's not your laptop, if I am understanding the error you are receiving correctly. This is the only site I am having a priblem with, so I doubt it is my computer or connection.
  12. by   funnygirl_rn
    I am having the same problem the past couple days. States the same can't be displayed and/or re-loads. Also, won't let me delete a thread I started, states I don't have access to do this. I agree sbic56, this is the only site that I am having problems with.
  13. by   niteshiftnurse
    I too am having problems, but mine are a little different. when I finish reading the posts, I mark "all forums read", which takes everything back to "0". when I come back later, it will say 45 threads and 60 posts, but there are only 35. I asked Brian and he said he would check into it anyone else having this problem??
  14. by   ERNurse752
    I'm having the same problem...I type in, and I get a message saying "Can't find website etc..."