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What do you all think about uniforms with patterns or cartoon characters? I have a Marvin the Martian warm-up jacket that I use mostly on Peds, but I don't see anything horrible about wearing it in... Read More

  1. by   Momma_Penguin
    I think those kind of uniforms are cute!! In fact I just got a compliment last nite from 1 of our residents who told me she liked " the pretty hearts and flowers" on my scrub jacket and esp liked when I showed her my 'easter bunny' (LOL) pink scrubs.... she said "you girls always try to dress so colorfully" I bet she'd love to see a few toony scrubs.....I think that being "Professional" is in your approach, knowledge, how much you care to do the job well. I have seen very 'professionally dressed' nurses with poor skills and attitudes. Now I do think you need to be very well kept and clean, not looking like a bum. But as for colorful scrubs, my residents like them, administration says we can wear them, and I am quite happy to do so!!! Laura LPN
  2. by   duckie
    Both my husband and myself are in LTC. We are permitted to wear any type of uniform we want to. So we have ours made. Our residents love the different scrubs we all wear. My husband is the "harley" type, complete with long hair and one of his residents told him she had to stay alive just to see what he'd be wearing the next day. He has some very colorful shirts and the residents always love them. I love the ability to express myself in what I wear. I wear lots of Snoopy, Tweety, any cute critter, smiley faces (my residents love those) and about four dozen more varieties. Our residents love the bright colors and the fact that we don't "all look alike". Of course, in a LTC setting, the residents know who each staff member is, I can see why perhaps in a hospital setting it could be different. I've always said I can't change jobs because I've spent too much money on my scrubs.
  3. by   teeituptom
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    For me personally, I prefer wearing a color that tells everybody who and what we are. Im 50 y/o gray hair and beard. The blue we have to wear here identifies us as a nurse. Just because Im older and gray does not mean Im a doctor. Never wanted to be actually. Either a doctor or old and gray. One Im not by choice and the other I cant avoid. So for myself I love the idea of different colors representing who and what we are.

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