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Hey all I have been a nurse for five years, spent my first two years in the hospital. I was an excellent nurse, but worked with two nurses who would not stop harassing me because they slept at work,... Read More

  1. by   Straydandelion
    Quote from oramar
    Anyone else notice there is a lot of this going on these days? Used to be you would work with someone and get them up to speed. It was expected that anyone new would have strong points and weak points and that with proper support and training they could bring the weak points up to snuff. Now days it like nurses are like tissue paper, disposable.
    That is a sad state of affairs. If anyone has a problem it is that facillity, your resume would have had your work experience so it should be obvious there would be a learning curve/preceptorship needed. I have read more and more threads similar to this and wonder now if when someone goes on an interview they should ALSO ask their own questions i.e. how long a preceptorship, will there be feedback on progress, will there be any meetings with the NM/DON/Sup as far as satisfaction of performance etc.
  2. by   BmichelleRN
    Thanks Cal, Stray and Peachy for your responses, having never been through this, it has been shocking. I really love the advice about asking about preceptorship, progress reports...I did ask why I was not advised that this was an issue. I will definitely inquire about that in my next position, especially if the area of medicine is new to me.Thanks again...there are great nurses out there and I consider those who answered to be among them.
  3. by   Lorie P.
    so sorry this happened, but move on and learn from it. too many times i have seen some really wonderful nurses that really knew their stuff and then some one would become jealous and complain and the nurse would either be let go or leave on her own.

    i tell you, nursing is stressful enough without worrying about petty jealousy. be glad that it happened now and not later, that nurse could have caused you major problems.

    good luck with the job hunting!
  4. by   diane227
    I guess they did not need nurses very much if they were not willing to train you. Starting IV's is a skill that requires time to learn but you can learn quickly when you do it with an experienced nurse. Not having IV skills at the ready seems like a bogus reason for firing someone. I would never fire anyone for that. I would try to train them first.
  5. by   UM Review RN
    It could be the unit. Would you believe that I was told that 2 days into my orientation on one unit?

    I was stuck there for six long months and went on to another unit where they were happy to have me. I still think someone was having personal issues and it wasn't me.
  6. by   classicdame
    The good news is you don't have to be exposed to those people any more and can move on. Most of us have friends at work. You never would have at that place. They really saved you time in moving on----------

    I know this is a bummer, but try to think of it as an opportunity to find the job that is meant for you.
  7. by   Rascal1
    Sorry that happened to you and I agree with what others have said here. It probably had nothing to do with your skills and qualifications. I continue to be surprised by the behavior of the jealous, underhanded, insecure, nurses that thrive on undermining ,bullying , just out and out stirring up trouble for the kind and true hearted nurses. Screw em !
  8. by   coffee4metech
    Keep your head up and look for a place that appreciates you and where you can thrive and grow professionally!!!!