To Offset the "Rude Nurses on this Board" Thread

  1. I just want to say, in the wake of my Grandmother's death and other things I have gone through, I so appreciate the kindnesses and words of wisdom I have received here. I have been a member a while now and I cannot believe how----------

    Varied in Knowledge, Especially OUTSIDE the field of nursing----

    -----you all are!!! I have learned of many things going on in our world, related to nursing and beyond.....HERE FIRST oftentime! You guys are like my eyes, ears and world news all rolled up in one! ( thanks to activist, current events, and other threads of varying specialties). I really appreciate what I am learning here and while we may not agree ( I can be a pita I know), I do admire this group.

    Just think if we could add up years of nursing experience of members here and what we have to share!!!! It is without bounds! You guys are the GREATEST! WE can overlook some few negatives when we add up the positives each member brings to the table here. I thank you all.
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  3. by   iliel
    I like this thread!
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I think we need a pat on the back now and again and it's high time I started it.....

  5. by   bedpan
    Have to say - I am very new here and have learned a LOT here already!

    Throwing my thank you's out here too
  6. by   fergus51
    And I pat you on the back for doing it I have found most people on here good people.
  7. by   Shamrock
    Way to go Smiling, you seem to have a knack for pulling people in the other direction!! Glad you seem to be feeling "lighter".
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am trying Shamrock, "sure and I am"


    You guys are great.
  9. by   RN 2005
    What a nice post!
  10. by   jnette
    Three cheers for YOU !!! And you are SO right.... "you saw/heard it first at Allnurses".... tha's what this BB has become for me as well. And what a GRAND bunch of fascinating folk !

    Thanx for the lift, Deb. We DO need that as a group from time to time ! :kiss
  11. by   KayNICUchsd
    That is very nice!! just what I needed to read to turn my thoughts around!!
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Thank you Deb . .. .

    Please don't let a few sour comments color your entire opinion of this BB.

    When people say we are rude, I just have to say take a look at some of the threads, as Deb listed.

    I appreciate the diversity here . . . .geez, I'd hate it if we all spoke "groupspeak".

    How would I learn anything new?

    I love this place.

  13. by   EmeraldNYL
    ALLNURSES ROCKS!!!! Thanks for posting the happy thread Deb.
  14. by   Katnip
    You are so very right, Blue Eyes.

    I too, have learned a lot from the people here. Whenever I've had a question it was answered quickly and well.

    This spring when I was going through a very low point in my life, so very many responded with kind words of support and encouragement.

    Reading and sometimes participating in debates and discussions teaches me something new about issues and sometimes, about myself.

    This is a great place to be.