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So, Does anyone else have this problem with swing shift: You get home, you want to go to bed, but you stay up for another 2-4 hours unproductively surfing the web and mindlessly snacking?? Maybe... Read More

  1. by   fuzzywuzzy
    Hmmm, yes, mindless snacking and surfing the web for hours. Then I toss and turn when I do try to go to sleep. And then I drag myself out of bed at 10 in the morning, and sloooooowly get ready for work all day, between more mindless eating and web-surfing. It's kind of ridiculous. Some people like 3-11 because they can get stuff done before they go to work. I can't get motivated to do anything.

    When I worked 7-3 I got up, got my work day out of the way early, then came home and walked the dog, cooked dinner, etc. I got more stuff done. Then when 930-10 o'clock rolled around I'd drift off into irresistible sleep. On my days off I would naturally wake up early.

    This is why I just put in for first shift. I like 3-11- I like the work and the people that I work with, and I love that the bigwigs all go home by 5, but it's really no good for me.
  2. by   www.angel29
    I work 3 - 11, also that's y I'm still up right now@ 57 am kinda sucks I have the same problem with going to sleep as well a shower usually helps. And just laying down and trying to go to sleep but the shower has worked for me. Its not an easy timing for a shift try different things like hot shower, drinking warm milk, read boring book, listen to sound scape music, stare @ wall next to bed, try to still mind by not thinking @ all count sheep, backwards, breathe in and out real slow deeply, try to do it same time everyday, u should have better pattern of sleep. Hmmm I should try these things everydat it'll b 6 am soon I'm still up!! Ugghh
  3. by   florianslove
    I worked 3-11 until a day shift position became available. I found myself wired after work and staying up way too late, reading, watching TV, surfing the net, etc. Then I would basically get up late, and get ready for work. I seemed to have no life outside of work.

    I'm now working 8:30 until 5:00 P.M. and it's going much better. You have to choose your shift and have some discipline I guess (I had none)

    Good luck
  4. by   AnnieNHRN
    A nice glass of vino always did the trick.
  5. by   NewRN2008
    I kinda adjust to either day or pm shift. i work mostly the pm shift. i prefer the days now though. i have a drive home though after my shift (40 min) so thats my wind-down time. but there are times though that i am wound up and i sit and watch a movie.
    What i did in the beginning, maybe you can try, have a plan for when you go home, either clean a room, or watch a movie or something. that way, you have a plan that you know you are going to do and then your body will wind down naturally. after a while, you will get tired faster and it will get easier.

    i never have slept well anyhow, so i do take sleeping pills. but that doesnt matter, because if i am that UP, they dont do anything, so i still come home and have my little 'plan' of things to do before i take and fall asleep.
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from ivyleaf

    Does anyone else have this problem with swing shift: You get home, you want to go to bed, but you stay up for another 2-4 hours unproductively surfing the web and mindlessly snacking?? Maybe you do something else besides surf the web, and the the mindlessly snacking part may be just me
    You just described me perfectly.

    My actual circadian rhythm has always been a little "off". Evening shift works well for me, because I do best when I can go to sleep around 1 AM and get up around 9. I've never been a morning person, although I can adapt when I have to; the only thing I really can't do is work nights (takes me two full days to recover now that I am old and set in my ways).

    One thing that does help a little is, I take my nightly dose of Ativan as I'm warming up the car after work. It takes over an hour to kick in and I've got only a ten-minute commute, so no worries about falling asleep behind the wheel. (I do NOT do this when weather conditions are such that I need to be hyper-alert, or when there is night construction that could delay my getting home.) Then when I do get home, I take 3 mg melatonin and hop in the shower.........I usually get pretty sleepy after that.

    But yeah, there are many nights when I sit up till 0200, posting on allnurses and eating cereal (laughs).