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Hi all.........I work for a major healthcare org in rehab medicine. I've been there for over 2 years and really 'loved' going to work. I don't anymore, I'll try to make this short. In 2 1/2 yrs, we... Read More

  1. by   rosieseattle
    My advice to you is: Go to work at the mother hospital and tell them that you want to work PD in the Rehab unit.....if you can't beat em....join em
  2. by   Quickbeam
    Not sure if this is helpful as the disability and work comp laws are very different state to state. I did work as a Work Comp case manager for many years.

    If the essential functions are usual, case management would qualify as light duty. Generally, your MD would have to sign off on it or agree that it meets his/her definition of light duty. In my state, if you refuse a legitimate offer of light duty, you no longer qualify for disability payments of work comp payments.

    Be careful with any refusal of offers of work your MD says is appropriate for you. It could jeopardize your rights.
  3. by   NurseGuy_in_06
    Quote from NannaNurse
    Hi all.........I work for a major healthcare org in rehab medicine. I've been there for over 2 years and really 'loved' going to work. I don't anymore, I'll try to make this short.
    In 2 1/2 yrs, we have gone through 5 managers. We've lost alot of good nurses/techs and we are treated like 'you-know-what' by our 'mother hospital'.
    We have been filling out our own schedules for almost a year and since we have weekend option nurses, we only work 1 weekend every 4-5 weeks. Now before some of you make comments, I know this is a rare thing and believe me, I'm thankful for it!! When our latest manager quit (stress from higher ups), the 'mother hospital' took over our scheduling and when it came out friday, all #@&& broke loose. We were put down for shifts we don't normally I do 12hr days and they have me doing 8hr days and evenings. They gave a PD nurse all my 12hr shifts and I'm also working 2 weekends in a nurse is not working ANY weekends. I requested off the weekend before my son ships out, but guess what?? I'm working plus I'm working the evening before his plane leaves.......I was hired for 12 hr days and have been working them, until now. They didn't even ask if I was avaliable for evening shift?? I'm losing week I'm getting 32 and the PD is getting 44!!
    They said they 'tried' to be fair for everyone..........well, I was so mad I cried and honey, that is mad! We get called off so nurses from other hospitals can 'get their hours' and PD/PRN nurses can get extra hours. We are full-time. We have voiced our complaints and they say they are 'concerned and listening', but the same things keeps going on.
    Well, I have put in my apps for about a dozen other places. I just can't work there anymore and the hard part is........I love working with the other nurses and the physicians. I know EVERYBODY there and the thought of 'starting over' again is about to eat me up.........
    I need some feed back about this...........should I stay and 'ride it out', wait for a new the lotto????
    Thanks for listening and thanks for your opinions, I really need some input here.
    My advice is leave a sinking ship. Tally up the scorecard. Are there more reasons to stay than to leave?
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Wonder what the OP wound up doing....she was considering quitting in June. Any news, NANNA????
  5. by   Haunted
    This is some saga! Nanna, is this a Healthsouth owned facility by any chance? And what are you having surgery for? Is this a work relateed injury or a previous existing ? Thanks for the updates.
  6. by   NannaNurse
    First of all, I'm truly sorry that I have not responded sooner. I did have surgery the end of September and boy what a rough road it has been. This has been one of the most trying times of my life and I'm only about 2/3 the way through.
    No, it's not Healthsouth, but a different 'major' rehab corp. Don't get me wrong, the care we provide is awesome, but it's just that, the care WE provide. The folks running this area are 'brown in the nose area' and I just can't tolerate that kind of org. especially when they spout to be a 'christian' org.
    I had a 3 hour procedure on my shoulder to repair a severe tear. The doc said that he had never seen one that bad or in a worse spot. It was on the underside of my shoulder and that is why my recovery is taking longer. I also wound up with a pinched nerve due to the position I was placed in.....oh well......therapy is 3 times a week and absolutely painful!! It is in the afternoons so I can go home afterwards. I just can't tolerate working after those sessions!! Good note, I have lost 32lbs since surgery.......pain has alot to do with supressing ones appetite and it's darn hard to cook with one arm!!
    Anyway, I'm back at work, not at the hosp, but at a 'sister' spot doing first level secretary work..........basically, I feel as tho' I am the paper that others use to wipe with. I've been so stressed and upset about being there that I have now developed shingles........more pain to deal with.
    Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated and again, I'm sorry for not updating you all sooner!!!
  7. by   NannaNurse
    The surgery was for work related injury. Sorry for missing that.
  8. by   lifeisbeautiful
    Sorry about the pain you are having to endure and the whole ordeal with having to have surgery. That's great that you have a lawyer to help you through this! I know 2 people who didn't have lawyers with their work related injuries and they ended up playing endless games with the hospital. See, many hospitals will try to create a job for an injured employee (which is required by law), which is also known as a 'modified work environment'. The problem is though, the hospitals will really push it. Sometimes to the point that they are wanting you to do things or placing you in an environment where you should NOT be. If you refuse the job or don't work (because you know it is outside of what the MD has written), well, that's great for them because then you are not eligible for your benefits. This is where a lawyer is so helpful. I am dealing with a W.C. claim at this very moment and it is a complete and total nightmare. I could go on and on regarding some of the B.S. that I am having to deal with.
  9. by   stbernardclub
    sure they like working the prn ppl...maybe that is the intent, to get rid of some fulltimers to save on costs...if prn ppl are stupid enough to be used that way, they will have no trouble causing an uproar there...good luck with your interviews
  10. by   mattsmom81
    You take care Nannanurse and hope youre recovered soon from your surgery. I had a work related injury myself years ago and I know the problems that brings. (((HUGS)))