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Had a really rough night at patient in particular ran me ragged all much so that I was begging the other nurse to just answer their call light once. Then, just as I'm about to... Read More

  1. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from aboucherrn
    I find that the patients who say "I hate to keep bothering you...", don't seem to mind bothering me at all
    To which I reply, "you are not bothering me, it is my job to help you!" Happens too often. But sometimes they bother me too much when I'm already really busy! haha
  2. by   tokmom
    I had a pt tell me something along the same line as I was leaving work. I saw her a year later in the grocery store. She still remembered me as her 'angel of mercy'
    I do believe what your pt said was sincere. Kudos to you!
  3. by   blondy2061h
    Quote from aboucherrn
    I find that the patients who say "I hate to keep bothering you...", don't seem to mind bothering me at all
    "Then you can consolidate all of your requests and give them to me or the aid next time we come in, rather than asking for a glass of water, and when I bring you that, a container of pudding."
  4. by   dudette10
    Quote from kimmie4476
    Yes, it wasn't requests that they were calling me for, it was because they were critical and in addition...anxious about it so the thank you was for getting her through the anxiety...talking her down etc.
    No, I'm not a new nurse and it's not a honeymoon period....thanks people for taking a positive thought from me and turning it negative.
    You're right. I'm very sorry for starting the wave of negative responses.
  5. by   tokebi
    I am sorry too, for contributing to the negativity. I was recuperating from an exhausting day.

    Honestly, I can take pretty much anything from the patients and residents, even if they're lighting up the call light every ten minutes for the most trivial things. I know what they need, and I'm there to provide it. Whether they thank me or not, I feel great if I know I met their needs. However, I do feel truly "abused" by the system (or management), which prevents me from doing exactly that. The few occasions when I roll my eyes and think, "Ugh, she's calling me again!," I know the real cause of my frustration is that I am already behind and still tons of things to do, not the fact that she's calling me again.

    And... it does feel wonderful when your patient acknowledges your effort and thanks you. I know that. Don't be mad, OP. I thought this was a lot more interesting thread than it would've been had we all replied with 100% pure grade positivity.
  6. by   hopefulwhoop
    I'm not sorry.