Things people say coming out of anaesthetic

  1. I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday, and when I came too the anaesthetist told me I'd been 'showing him some affection with my fingernails'. :imbar I don't even know what he meant because I couldn't talk properly and then they put the oxygen mask on me to shut me up. I hope it was something innocent, that table is pretty much on groin level . He was quite dishy too!

    Since then I've been comforting myself with the thought that the staff had probably heard worse things from patients. So, what's the funniest thing you've heard from someone coming out from under anaesthetic?
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  3. by   sim-sim future nurse
    My best friend several years ago went in to have surgery on her foot. The next day her doctor came in and was smirking. The doctor told her that after the anesthetist gave her the anesthetic my friend told the anesthetist that she wanted to "**** him"!!! My friend was so shocked! She of course, like you, didn't remember doing this at all!!
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  4. by   frellyou
    Quote from sim-sim future nurse
    The next day her doctor came in and was smirking. The doctor told her that after the anesthetist gave her the anesthetic my friend told the anesthetist that she wanted to "**** him"!!!
    Eep, how embarrassing! At least I didn't really have to see him afterwards. You've made me feel better already .
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  5. by   Justhere
    I had an arguement with the nurse afterwards. She kept telling me to wake up and I kept telling her "No I just got to sleep". Needless to say I like my sleep no matter how I get it. I was not a happy camper to rise and shine.
  6. by   Pipsqueak
    I cry like a baby everytime when I come out of it. I remember the first time I was put under: my boyfriend came back to recovery just as I was waking up and I was lying there balling my eyes out telling him to go away, that I didn't want to see him. Boy was he mad!! And I don't even know why I reacted that way.

    P.S. The relationship didn't last much longer, maybe those were my true feelings just coming out subconsiously!
  7. by   Quickbeam
    I just had an upper GI and colonoscopy under fentanyl/versed. When I was coming around, my husband said I asked him 10 times how long I was out. I don't remember that at all.
  8. by   kythe
    Wow. You all had "better" experiences than I did. I was told that when I had my wisdom teeth out, I wiggled my left hand out of a restraint and punched one of the assistants hard enough to bruise her. I don't remember this at all. I'm pretty passive, I've never punched anyone while I'm awake, and I'm not even left handed! I think I must have been in a lot of pain even though I was knocked out. My first actual memory after that surgery is of vomiting and someone holding me and trying to tell me I was going to be okay as they cleaned my mouth out.

    When I was in nursing school, a nurse anesthesiologist explained how he monitors people for possible signs of pain and how he automatically gives an anti-nausea agent because that is such a common side effect. From the surgeries I witnessed, I think he does a great job at keeping people comfortable. If I ever need a general again, I will definately have a long discussion about anesthesia with the doctor(s) involved before I risk putting myself through that again.
  9. by   cmonkey
    While I was going under for a D&C after DD was born, I told the anesthetist that we were considering naming the baby Fallopia. I hope he knew I was joking..
  10. by   DA314
    Just after I woke up from my endoscopy last year, my doctor came in and explained his findings to my husband. As soon as the doctor left the curtain area, I exclaimed rather loudly "I didn't know my doctor was gay!"

    Later, when my husband told me what happened, I wanted to die with embarassment!
  11. by   ElvishDNP
    Good friend of mine coming out of general after her c/section (this was years ago) kept telling everyone over and over, "I need a man. I need a man!" Never mind that her husband was right there, as well as another friend who kept telling her to shut up. She was quite embarrassed at herself.....
  12. by   nerdtonurse?
    When I was in school and doing a rotation in the ultrasound suite, there was a lady that came in, just in hysterics because she "knew" the lump in her breast was cancer. She'd had a bunch of pre-preprocedure meds, and the doc gave her more because she was just trembling with fright. I don't know what he gave her, but she loosed WAY up, and as he turned around to do something, she pinched him on the tush. He turned scarlet red, and she giggled off and on the rest of the procedure, making suggestive comments.

    Well, at least she wasn't scared anymore...
  13. by   FemmeRN
    When I was 19, after having a laparoscopy, I woke up in the PACU screaming "HELP!!!! Something's got me, heeeeelllllllpppp!" Apparently it was the automatic blood pressure cuff. And, according to the nurse's report to my parents, I did it Q15m, without fail, even though every time she told me it was just the BP cuff. haha. Oops.

    Recently I had an endoscopy, and as they were putting me under, I remember them putting this weird ball in my mouth, with a hole in the middle for the endoscope, and fastening a strap around my head. It kinda gagged me, and felt a little too confining for my tastes. But, in another few seconds, I was out. Well, the next thing I remember was waking up in the curtained recovery area, where my partner was waiting. She asked how it went, and I answered (I say I whispered, she says I yelled): "It was fine, but they stuck one of those S&M ball gag things in mouth!!!" and then I started cackling madly. She was horrified. I'm in general a quiet, shy person, with no personal knowledge of anything S&M, so it was especially shocking. The nurse seemed to get a big kick out it tho.
  14. by   Crux1024
    Ive heard a few different things:

    *pirate jokes
    *asking "wheres the sexy nurse at?"
    *telling everyone they hope they didnt "Poo" themselves (poo was not the word they used*
    *trying to pinch tushes
    *marriage proposals
    *LOTS of cursing, that would make a sailor blush.