The Very Unofficial, Irreverent Nursing FAQ - page 2

Q. What is Nursing? A. Nursing is the fine art of caring for patients who know everything. Nurses spend years of their life honing their clinical skills and expanding their knowledge base so that... Read More

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    Loved it! Thanks for the much-needed chuckle!
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    this is what evidence based practice is all about!


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    Kim W.
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    Too funny!
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    Hey, thanx for digging that one up ! I had missed that one, and it is TOO good to have missed ! Definately a keeper !!!

    Should be posted in every patient's room !
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    On most of the major airlines, the pilots are making an announcement that while the flight attendants will do what they can to make our trip comfortable, their primary reason for being there is for passenger safety. I really think that nursing needs to get that message across to our patients. I always hate it when people think that one of their rights as a patient is to determine my priorities for the shift. Wrong answer!

    This is a funny thread. I want to try to think of a couple of Q&As.
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    Loved this QA too..thanks for resurrecting it! I needed a chuckle today!