The Unwritten Rules of Nursing - page 3

From my own observations I have seen a number of unwritten rules when it comes to nursing practice. Policies and procedures are fine but often times these unwritten rules are more powerful. Here... Read More

  1. by   locolorenzo22
    top 3 of mine...
    1. NEVER assume that someone else will get your lights....if you ignore lights, pretty soon you'll have 23 going off one after the other and will be 3-4 hrs behind schedule...

    2. When someone asks for you by name with a question,'s never good news....

    3. do not underestimate the power of a friendly smile, and a well-timed quip....I personally make one liners about axillary temps(make like a chicken and make a wing), mouthcare (purse those lips), and ted hose(well, they're not pantyhose, so we'll be taking them off for the evening)
  2. by   oneofHIs
    I'm in my first year of nursing school, and these are all great advice. Keep it up, I'm rolling on the floor over here.
  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    Your new admisson, who has been in ER for at least 10+ hours, is coming to the floor at 1900 and ER says there's no way to hold them for another hour.