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  1. by   hogan4736

    one word: NO

    I'm sorry, but if I'm not taking care of Mary, then I'm looking after Bill...ANY QUESTIONS?????

    I am not a dog, and I don't need a leash (and I don't need a union to tell me that, and if I do, then............)
  2. by   nurseman
    Did they tell you how to sterilize the phone? If not seal it up in a ziplock bag at the beginning of the night and say you couldn't use it d/t universal precautions. :angel2: It's not like you have time to clean out each little hole in the mouthpiece.
  3. by   Jaaaman
    Originally posted by oramar
    I tell you what I always disliked the most, secretaries standing in hall screaming my name, thats what.
    Yes, I hate it when they do that.
  4. by   KMSRN
    I have alway found the phones to be a convenience. If you are busy, don't answer.
  5. by   FullMoonMadness
    We have them. Our monitor tech goes crazy if we don't carry them. So,I take mine out of its case and put it in my pocket. What I don't do is turn it on.So, it never rings,and I can always say,"Oh sorry,I don't know how that happened."Even if it was on, I wouldn't answer it if I was in with a patient.What a waste of money.
  6. by   imenid37
    we've had them about 4 years now. the docs kept complaining they had trouble reaching us by phone when we were in a pt's room. awful that some god-like creature might have to wait while you take your pt. to the br or some other such meanial task.

    sometimes there is sweet justice, however. we have a very impatient dr.(he lobbied hard for these phones because his time is valuable-GAG) who loves to tell his pt's things like..."the nurses didn't tell me you wanted an epidural." to avoid confusion or memory lapses on his part, i always call him from the wireless phone in the pt's room so the pt/family are aware that this doc does know what they want. of course, if it's privacy or a serious issue, i call from the desk. little did he realize that those phones he lobbied for could and would be used against him. hahahaha!

    i didn't like the phones at first, but now i am very used to them. they are small flip type phones. i think the company is norcom that makes them. they have had their share of dives into the potty, the trash and jacuzzi tub from just about all of the staff. i can handle the phones ok. what i hate is the locators that are w/ the composer call light system. i'll take a call on my phone any day over that !@*% thing!
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  7. by   bossynurse
    I like having the phone. If I have to call a doc with lab results, I can page him and go about my business until he/she calls me back. There are times however that I swear that I am going to throw it away. But for the most part, I like not having to sit by the phone and wait for returned pages. And I like not having to walk 100 meters to take a phone call.