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Ok so I have a question. I am going to be starting school soon to be a LPN. My question is I have a pretty good sized tattoo on my left wrist. It isnt offensive, its very pretty. It is a... Read More

  1. by   Ms.Sip
    "Tat's offer no harm into pt's skin or our safety."


    I have none, but my boss, (55y/o, advanced practice, Facility Administator) has a few, all new, and she's getting another this weekend. Good for her, I say!
  2. by   Lacie
    Well since my last post here I now have 4 more and next week getting another. I'm 50 and a nurse for 25 years it hasnt held me back at all in job seeking. I was showing up my new ones and now my boss is going to get her first lol.
  3. by   muffie
    saw green cats eyes on the lower neck of a girl on the
  4. by   angel75
    They are very strict at our school. It must be covered at all times. For those who have tattoos on their arms they must wear their lab coats at all times.
  5. by   Diary/Dairy
    I have 5 tattoos and have never been to jail or done drugs.
    I have a rosary and a blue flower on my right ankle/leg, 5 flowers on my lower back, a heart on my upper back, and the 5th element symbol on my right wrist. The only one I would consider having removed is the 5th element one - I am already tired of wearing long sleeves and the summer has not yet begun.
  6. by   Swissangel
    Quote from queenjean
    have tattoos, not mentally ill.

    the director of my unit has a few.

    my father is the ceo of a moderately sized company, and for christmas two years ago i gave him a tattoo (he, i and my brother went together, it was a symbol meaningful to our family). it's on his arm, fully visible in short sleeves.

    classy gal, it's also common for people to be discriminated against because they are fat. so, do you also want to post a warning for all of those here who like to eat more than they like to exercise? what about posting warning women in general, since current research continues to suggest that men earn more than women. maybe what we all need are sex changes!

    whatever. i'll continue to decorate my body the way i see fit. i have no desire to "achieve my potential" of becoming a stick-in-the-mud suit; and if i did, i wouldn't worry about my ink holding me back. can you believe my hospital hired me? pink hair, tattoos, advanced degrees, extensive work and teaching experience, multilingual; what were they thinking? most places are coming into the 21 century; many people my age have tattoos and piercings; and guess what, so do our directors, ceos, vps et other suits.

    thanks for the face slap, but it was really unnecessary.


    unfortunately some parts of the us (& some people everywhere, of course) don't see the need coming into the 21th century :smackingf:

    as society we hopefully overcome any "rasisme"/discrimination and try to treat [color="lime"]all human equal and i guess

    as a nurse that is an ethical core beside ones personal cultur, religion, race or even "taste" treat people equal and to be treated equally

    to bring in a new "idea" and as your country drives things like surgial regeneration or breast enhancement

    anyone knowing about an institution fired or just didn't employ a person because here tits were made?

    probably not, but if there was, i'll pay him/her a bier

    competence & professionalism, like intelligence hasn't anything to do with ones outside, even your look doesn't match the local taste!
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  7. by   Montana88
    Thank goodness I'm not the only one! I'm currently a nursing student and have been taking quite a bit of flak mostly from older nurses I know about my 'unprofessional' appearance. I got rid of my pink hair before I began any clinicals, my surface bars and my tattoos are all able to hide easily under scrubs. Knowing I was going into nursing I planned things this way and so I'm not really sure what the big deal is. It bothers me a little that people are still so willing to judge based on appearances. I truly don't believe that anyone could be a lesser nurse simply due to how they look. Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one lol
  8. by   island40
    We took out piercings for clinic only (or put a bandaid over it and looked a little stupid). I've worked in at least 22 facilities (travel) and have never had a problem with tatoos. Only time I saw a collegue have difficulty was when the tat was on his face. It was distracting and reduced his credibilty.
  9. by   traumahawk99
    once i worked with a nurse who had cheap, green tattos all over her face. she was actually a good nurse, once i got past the appearance.
  10. by   dreamon
    Can I wear a clear plastic tongue piercing in nursing school? I think they are called retainers? Flat on the top and a rubber stopper on the bottom.

    No one will notice it, but I don't know if the policy is to NOT have piercings or just to NOT wear the jewelry.
  11. by   nightshiftnut
    Just thought I would add my take on the whole tat and piercing situation. Yes, it is our body to do as we express who we are. Maybe I'll express my individuality by wearing a black bra and undies under my white scrubs. Real professional.....:icon_roll
  12. by   flightnurse2b
    Quote from nightshiftnut
    Just thought I would add my take on the whole tat and piercing situation. Yes, it is our body to do as we express who we are. Maybe I'll express my individuality by wearing a black bra and undies under my white scrubs. Real professional.....:icon_roll
    you can wear whatever color undies you want under your white scrubs as long as you take good care of me. i've had worked with alot of unprofessional, rude and somewhat frightening nurses with no tattoos or peircings.

    i have two tattoos and 5 peircings. the only peircings visible are in my ears and i only wear studs in one of the holes. my bellybutton is for me to look at and i dont think i will ever show my navel to my patients.

    my tattoos are hidden, one on my low back and one on my hip. you wouldnt know i had them unless i showed them to you.

    that can be your take. dont get a tattoo or a peircing. but dont judge others with them. they might just be a kick butt super professional nurse.
  13. by   Iam46yearsold
    I am heavily tattooed and have multiple piercings in multiple locations. I am also a very good nurse. The tats and piercings do not and never have affected my nursing. Do I stand out in a crowd, yes. But with scrubs and my lab coat on very few if any show. But that isnt the reson I wear the lab coat. I just like a lot of pockets to keep things in.