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Cardiac, Med-Surg, now in ED
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RNtigerEMT specializes in Cardiac, Med-Surg, now in ED.

married with 3 sons and 1 "tween" daughter(will trade for ?)(haha), got into nursing to work in emergency medicine

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  1. RNtigerEMT

    Tips for Surviving Cardiac Telemetry

    :yeah:So true. I worked a tele floor right out of school, and loved it. The variety, the never ending admits/discharges, the calm in the chaos. You have to find your moment, they do exist. Well said, and should be a must read for any nurse considering telemetry.
  2. RNtigerEMT

    Scared, having a hysterectomy

    Thanks again everyone. I think I figured out what you mean about not doign school work. had a bad couple days, missed a day and a half of work due to pain related to this whole mess. I couldn't even log onto to the computer until yesterday evening. Couldn't think straight. As far as doing my recerts, i would be paying out of pocket, then reimbursed by my travel agency, no paid time off yet, no medical leave or STD. I'll be off work, no income, relying on my husband to pay the bills for a while. Reality check for him, let hm see what my paycheck takes care of.
  3. RNtigerEMT

    Scared, having a hysterectomy

    Thanks everyone. I will definately have to check out the website. I am trying to deal with my emotions prior to going in. I really don't like going to the doctor, and surgery scares me to death. I have had 5 children, one stillbirth, and had a tubal after my last son was born in 1997. I wanted the hysterectomy after the initial diagnosis, but no one wanted to do it because of my age. The physical part of recovery doesn't really bother me, other than being down for 6 weeks, the emotional part will be the real torture. My husband tries, but he has a "wee bit" of an alcohol problem, and may soon be an ex. I have a fairly good support system otherwise, so that will help, and the kids are old enough to pretty much take care of themelves. Post surgery I will at least be busy mentally. I started back for my BSN online,(in my 5th class) so I can do that, and I need to recertify for ACLS, and PALS. I can do those while I'm off work, right? That shouldn't be to hard. Its just the mental part of dealing with the idea of surgery, and the aftermath that has me reeling right now. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all your advice. It will be priceless, I'm sure
  4. RNtigerEMT

    Scared, having a hysterectomy

    Thanks, have already discussed HRT, had not thought about gertting the patch in OR. Great idea. I will probably end up having to have the TAH. I probably know more about endo than most PCPs. Its gotten really bad, my gyn agrees, but also agreed to try the LAVH. Will do a search for the site you mentioned
  5. RNtigerEMT

    Scared, having a hysterectomy

    Ok, here goes. I have had my RN for 5 years, worked med/surg, telemetry. ED, and am currently working rehab as a a traveling nurse. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2001, and am scheduled to have a hysterectomy on May 21. I am terrified. I know, sort of, what to expect, but have no experience with this, other than cases gone bad. Thats what is scaring me, I know what can go wrong. It is one of those instances where a little knowledge is dangerous. My doctor is excellent, I trust him as far as I can, but would like some advice as to what to expect. My doc is planning a LAVH, with the possibility of a TAH, depending on how bad teh scarring/adhesions have gotten. I am a very active person, and can't see being off work for 6 weeks, as is suggested. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. RNtigerEMT

    She - A Sexual Assault Story

    Thank you. As another survivor, I know how hard it is to share your story. I still deal with trust issues, but am gradually getting better. Sometimes I have to wonder, does the recovery road ever end?
  7. RNtigerEMT

    Why dont YOU wear a helmet??

    I am fully prepared to pay my own way. I don't ask the govt to pay for any of my choices. As a nurse, EMTand biker, I've seen what can happen without a helmet. Again, I feel its a matter of choice, but every one is welcome to their opinion. I don't try to dictate what other people do with their lives, and I don't expect anyone to dictate to me what choices I should make. 1987 HD Sportster Hugger, 2002 HD UltraClassic. Not rideable at this time, 1971 Aermacchi HD No sidecars for golfclubs though;)
  8. RNtigerEMT

    Why dont YOU wear a helmet??

    I usually wear a helmet. However there are times when I don't. I believe in helmets, I just don't feel that anyone else,(unless I'm a passenger, then the rider can) has the right to tell me I have to wear one. I also disagree with the mandatory seatbelt law, though I wear mine. From personal experience, I have found some helmets do obstruct my vision and hearing. I have a full face helmet, which needs replaced due to age (of the helmet!), that I always wore. Then didn't wear one for a while, (either not riding or just short jaunts around town). Went to Missouri and wore the full face helmet. I couldn't see or hear as well with it on. New helmet will be either a 3/4 or half shell. I actually did a paper on the helmet laws probaly 5 yrs ago. The statistics at that time showed no real difference between helmeted riders vs non helmeted riders death rates due to no fault accidents. I personally know people who if they had been helmeted would now be dead, and also know people who if unhelmeted would be dead. There are timeswhen a helmet can actually cause further injury, but it can also save your life. Motorcycling is a choice, a lifestyle, and, if done with proper traing/education, is no more dangerous than many other choices people make. Cagers (car drivers) need to be educated as well. Many times they are the cause of the accident simply because they don't watch for bikes, misjudge speed, or just don't see them. As far as the cost goes....they say if you have a $10 head, then put a $10 helmet on it. As a nurse/ems person, I v'e seen people injured in car accidents many more times than a motorcyclist. I know that accidents happen, but at least around here a car accident,with serious injuries, is much more common. My sister is a State Trooper, and she says the same thing. Why people choose not to wear a helmet is as varied as why some people decide to be a nurse and some people decide to be a stockperson. My husband rides his bike to work almost daily, and wears a helmet. Never used to wear one, but does now. What changed his mind? Age, dropping his bike hard with one on, who truly knows? I don't question him, just glad that he wears one. My daughter is not allowed on the bike without one. We also do not ride in shorts or flipflops. Jeans, and solid shoes, preferably boots, are required. Sorry this is so long, just got going. Bottom line, it should remain personal choice. Do I advocate wearing a helmet? YES. Should the govt be able to say I have to? NO
  9. RNtigerEMT

    Cleveland Clinic will not Hire Smokers

    Was not thinking anyone attacked, just stated I did not want to be attacked. Sorry if I came across that way. This is a volatile thread, and the introduction of the military made it more so. I am tired, having had less than 12hrs sleep in the last 72 hrs due to working EMT and covering others shifts. I have a tendency to defend before needed sometimes, especially when overtired. Again I apologize if I came across nasty.:smackingf Friends again?:biere:
  10. RNtigerEMT

    Cleveland Clinic will not Hire Smokers

    I did not say my employer would be violating my rights. I just stated that I don't believe that they have the right to tell me what to do in my personal time. I also know several people in Iraq, including both of my brothers, and smoking has nothing to do with their ideals. Our troops are supposedly there to protect our rights and freedoms, period. I will not get into a debate with anyone here on the military or this war. My husband served 6yrs in the Marine Corps, and also served in Iraq the first time around. This thread is about CC's right to deny me a job because of my legal right to smoke. More power to them, I disagree with the govt or any employer telling me that I cannot engage in a legal activity on my own time. The OP about the military was using her comment to make a point, regarding our society's slow loss of freedoms due to govt/employer interference, or the thought of offending someone. Thats the way I read it anyway. I may have misinterpreted it. Smoking is still legal, and it is my right to chose to smoke. It is also CC's right to chose not to hire me, just as it is my right to chose not to seek employment there. It is within all our rights to state our opinion on this board, or so I was led to believe. I am not attacking anyone personally, and don't want to be attacked for stating my opinion.
  11. RNtigerEMT

    Cleveland Clinic will not Hire Smokers

    I think RNPTAL was just trying to make a point about loss of freedoms. Supposedly thats why our troops (who, BTW, I support 100%) are in Iraq, to support our freedom. I posted earlier in this thread that I am not in spport of CC's decision, not because I am a smoker, but because we are slowly losing freedoms. May not have used those exact words, but the sentiment is the same. IMHO, no employer has the right to tell me what I can and cannot do during my unpaid offtime, my personal time. Yes they have to the right to not hire smokers, as we are not a "protected group", but this is just the start of a long downhill slide. I pay my own insurance premiums, yes it is my decision to smoke, and I have tried several times to quit, without success. When I smoke, if I think I may be offending someone, I will move of my own free will, the same free will that all humans have. If I don't realize I am offending someone, like someone who sits at our smoking area, then I stay where I am. They have the freedom to not hire us as smokers, but we also have that same freedom to chose to smoke. The big issue is, where do we draw the line? Will my boss next tell me that I am not allowed to eat meat at home if they are vegetarians, just because it offends them? Those are both legal choices/lifestyles, yet I know vegetarians who are so offended at meat eaters they will leave a restaurant. Next it wll be "meat free" areas in restaurants, then if you eat meat you won't be allowed there. Thats what I am worried about, slowly taking all our legal choices/lifestyles/behaviors from us until we are all clones of what the govt thinks we should be. sorry so long, got on a rant. off now
  12. RNtigerEMT

    need some info...

    Hi all. I'm fairly new to the board, but thought I'd ask here, since ya'll are from Ohio. Little background. I am an RN with almost 3yrs experience on a busy cardiac med-surg unit. Was laid off in November, took a longer break than I wanted, and was hired into a small ED in SE Ohio. I want to work ED, have since I started nursing. I also have my Basic EMT, certified in February/March, no field experience. Anyway, was let go from ED, being told I "did not fit". Am looking for a new job, preferably one fairly close to home. I live in Cambridge, and don't want to drive all day to get to work. Columbus is about as far as I'd want to drive, I do want to have a life outside of work. Any ideas? I've looked at OSU, Riverside, etc, but don't know to much about them. Any info would be appreciated.