Taking out a loan or work to pay for nursing school

  1. Obviously I won't have time to work during the ABSN program. Is it better to work full time now until I make enough to pay for the school because I am afraid I might get laid off or just take out a loan?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    I did both. I worked two 12 hr night shifts while in a 15 month ABSN program and took balance transfer offers (one credit card allowed you to direct deposit into checking). I paid down the credit card as much as I could and when the 12 months 0% financing was done, I transferred to another card. By the end of the second balance transfer I was established in my nursing job. The fees were 3-4% of amount transferred which was cheaper than a personal loan.
  4. by   seaofclouds21
    Why is it obvious you can't work while in school? It may be more difficult, but it is possible to work while in school. You should aim to complete your school with as little debt as possible. How do you plan to support yourself while you are in school? Do you have someone else that helps support you financially or are you hoping to take out a loan for more than the school amount to live off of as well? If that is the case, I'd advise against it. Look for other alternatives, such as taking some of your pre-requisite classes in the evening (after work). Take as many of those as you can on a part time basis so that when you do have to go full time (if you do), you can have less time that may interfere with working. You can also look into nursing programs that offer the nursing classes on a part time bases (usually nights/weekends).
  5. by   hermioneRN
    I also did both - I bartended during nursing school and also took out a small private loan. Do you have the option to work part-time with your current job?
  6. by   Big_Mike
    No I don't. The program reccommends students not to work.
  7. by   jennylee321
    All nursing programs recommend that, it's still doable. I didn't work during my final practicum but it's definitely possible to work full time during school.
  8. by   SouthpawRN
    Also look at applying for a nurse apprentice position if the local hospitals offer this. They are usually paid and can get the position about 1/2 way into your program.. Each hospitals have different policies.
  9. by   Big_Mike
    ABSN program is more fast paced than others. I guess the ABSN program is not for me if I want to work during school.
  10. by   NICUMurse87
    I obviously don't know your particular circumstances, but I personally am 3 weeks away from completing a 15 month ABSN program where I was advised not to work. I worked 12-24 hours per week in addition to studying and clinicals and will finish with about a 50/50 split in A's and B's. This is not to brag, but merely to point out that it is indeed entirely possible to do what you're asking. So don't feel as though you have no chance, it all just depends on how much effort you are willing to/can put into it.
  11. by   Big_Mike
    If I sacrifice my time with friends and family is it possible to work during the ABSN program?
  12. by   Big_Mike
    Guy in Payland what kind of work did you do during nursing school
  13. by   Big_Mike
    Nicumurse87 what job are you doing during the nursing program
  14. by   NICUMurse87
    I worked 2 PRN tech jobs during school one or two 12 hour shifts per week. It helps that my wife is a nurse, so she understands the struggle. I was able to hang out with friends and stuff maybe a time or two per month, so your social life will suffer if you're normally socially active, but your friends should be able to live with it for 15 months.