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  1. by   wolfpackRN
    Graduated in May 2010 with AAS and RN license, I was 23. Now I'm going back to school to get my BSN.
  2. by   Happy BSN
    I was 24, always thought I would be a psychologist instead.
  3. by   kygavin
    25 when started nursing school, graduated with BSN when I was 28. No regrets!!!
  4. by   jaclynshroyer64
    I was 21 when I became a diploma RN....... I will be 47 when I get my BSN........ after this class.
  5. by   WendyBensonRN
    I was 23 when I got my LPN license and 25 when I got my RN license. I am now 34 and I don't regret my decision in becoming a nurse. Always thought I would be a doctor! lol Glad I didn't go down that liability road!
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    CNA at 16. LPN at 20. Prayerfully RN at 23, This year !
  7. by   mkblakley07
    RN at 21.
    I was 31 when i became an LPN, 35 when i became an RN. My first career. Never thought of being anything else.
  9. by   BSNMommyof4
    I was 24 when I received my BSN Degree and started working at 25, 7 months after I graduated.
  10. by   summer-dreamer
    I'm 24 now, and just got my LPN license not long ago. Currently preparing to go for my RN. It's going to be one heck of an experience I'm looking forward to
  11. by   NurseVoldemort
    Graduated at 22yrs old (barely )
  12. by   myk_RN
    I was 25.
  13. by   turnforthenurse
    23 when I got my BSN and became an RN...hopefully will still be 23 when I get my first RN job, otherwise probably 24