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  1. by   nursebonkers
    GET OUT OF THE HELL HOLE NOW!!! LEAVE IMMEDIATLEY WHEN EVERY ONE IS BEGGING FOR EXPERIENCED NURSES. cash in on a cash cow!! Why Iv'e heard of an agency the pays $80 an hour if you have a CCRN. Im going to get it this year and become a scab nurse.!!! I have a union now and it works for somethings but not for staffing levels .. Call me future "scabs are us" Die US for priviliged only healthcare system, die , rot a horrible death...........
  2. by   nursebonkers
    This month's survey Question:

    Do you leave work at your scheduled time on a regular basis?
    :hatparty: :chuckle I work in a busy ER and leave around 11 pm, always on time now. You see, this because I just care more about myself then my employer does. So If Im stuck with patients at 11pm- I scream until someone or the nurse in charge takes report, I also qoute NJ 's NO MANDATORY OVERTIME LAW, and if no one takes report I wheel my patients into the hallway in front of the nurses station, strart writing a shoddy half *** written report and then leave. STICK IT TO THEM AND THEY SHOULD STICK IT TO ME IN THE MORNING.and stick the patients in the hallway!! If the cash run United States for privileged health care system doesnt like it hire more staff!!! They only own you for the times stated when they hired ya !!! SOB"S
  3. by   TinyNurse
    yes mostly I leave on time in the ER at 3:30 am........ sometimes i stay if it is a trauma I had been working with or something....... I CHOOSE to stay.
    last sunday, my 3rd of 3 twelves.......... my replacement didn't show up. I stayed 1 hour later, and then my charge nurse told me I could go home. She took over my assignment......Thank god for her........ xoxo Jen
  4. by   miss_nurse2004
    Yes...I try to leave every day ON TIME. I'm the type that "gets things done", constantly on the go, running like a chicken with my head cut off. The oncoming nurses appreciate the fact that I have the med cart cleaned up and stocked and ready for them every day. However, the night nurse never bothers to do that for me! (I work the day shift, LTC) I never get my two 15 minute breaks during the day, and very often I have to miss my lunch break, just to try and get my work done. Of course, the don raises cain when I don't get a lunch, but what do you do?!?! I'm not eating...that's for sure! I'm running my arse off!
    Therefore, when it's time..I hit the clock and exit, stage right. And I leave it all behind me!
  5. by   amoymak
    yes, when i was on orientation!!
  6. by   mawally218
    I work on a general surgical/ortho/neuro/med-surg unit. I average 2-5r overtime working four twelve hour shifts 7a-7p
  7. by   Critical care rn
    [font=Fixedsys]Rarely! If we do get out on time, it is because we all work together as a team to help out. Our administrators don't really have a clue.
  8. by   momangel29
    :uhoh21: Once every couple of months I might get to leave on time.the hospital isreally busy and there is just NOOO WAY!Iam trying harder though.
  9. by   cnyrn
    If I thinl I'm going to be over (late admit, post-op coming, discharges) then I'll take a 10 minute lunch off my med-surg floor. That way I won't be late to put in 3 or 4 hours of overtime in the nursing home upstairs.

  10. by   KacyLynnRN
    seems like I hardly ever get out on time...but a lot of it I feel has to do with the fact that it takes the oncoming shift a long time to get out of report...our boss just started a rule that if we're clocking out more than 15 minutes late, we have to leave a note explaning why. Hopefully this will help the situation.
  11. by   rosemadder
    As a new nurse (8 months) I have left work 15 minutes late twice. At the end of the day if everyone is breathing and I get out on time I feel successful!!! :hatparty:
  12. by   silvermaple2rpn
    I always show up for work a few minutes early and I always leave within about 10min of my shift ending. The less time I have to spend hanging out with the incoming shift the less time I have to hear them whining and gossiping!
  13. by   oramar
    I leave on time 4 out of 5 shifts so I feel saying yes would be accurate.