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  1. by   tiroka03
    I usually leave on time, I don't go early, even when I could, as I respect the nurses following me. They are trying to set up and start, and I feel I need to stay just in case something wierd happens. Then at least there is another set of hands. I can also start their vitals and do their dressing changes as time permits. Time goes a lot faster when busy.

    However, the pm nurses have no problems leaving early, not finishing their work and leaving it to me. :angryfire I feel if you are to leave early, finish your work, because there will be enough things happening I will have to attend to, without the audiasity of not even finishing your own work. This makes for a difficult beginning of the shift. I refuse to return this attitude to the next shift.

    Breaks, well that depends. If I have unstable patients, I refuse to leave the floor to my aides, I ask for the supervisor to attend the floor. Since floor work is way beneath them, it rarely happens and then I don't get my breaks. I will always charge the facility for this, as I don't feel I deserve to work for free. I always demand my overtime and always will. It's only fair.
  2. by   RN-PA
    My "official" shift is 1445-2315, but I rarely get out at 2315. I'm usually at least 15 minutes over, but depending on the night, 1/2 to one hour overtime is common. We went to computer charting in December 2003 and although we're used to it by now, it's still time-consuming, especially with admissions. We DO have an admissions nurse (for the entire hospital ) who sometimes can help, but 3-11 gets a lot of admissions and post-ops, so the computer work can really add up.

    Another reason I have trouble getting out on time-- besides the usual: high acuity, problems with my patients or the LPN's patients I'm covering, etc.-- When I work two evenings in a row, I frequently don't get the same patient assignment, usually because a 12-hour nurse will have taken my assignment at 0700. So I end up "starting over" and it's hard to get a pace and be as organized when you're learning a whole new group of patients each night and have no continuity.

    I try to take 10-15 minutes to cram in food (I do NOT consider that a dinner break) and will put in for no dinner if I got no other break in my 8-plus hours, and of course if I don't get the chance to eat at all. Nurses who don't put in for not getting a meal break are not doing yourselves or your units any good by allowing management to not pay you for missed meals. It's illegal for them NOT to pay you and it ends up enabling administration to think that their nurses can handle poor staffing. Overtime pay seems to speak loudest to administration that there's a problem.
  3. by   inna
    I never left my unit on time. My shift ends at 19:30, I always finish my assignments on time but the thing that's holding us all to stay over past 8pm is the giving of report. Only the charge nurse will give report for the entire unit (24 beds) while all of us are waiting for her to finish... And we're never being paid for that.
  4. by   menetopali
    leave on time almost everyday and often we close up shop early. i work in an outpatient department that does mostly endoscopies/colonoscopies and a variety of other procedures and infusions but we're scheduled to only be open 0630-1600.
  5. by   INTEVA
    I rarely leave work on time. I work in anesthesia/OR dept. so it depends a lot on the caseload for the day. I do sign up for OT & for any missed lunches.
  6. by   DavidFR
    Always leave on time. It's part of the culture here. If you're off late you're deemed ineffeicient. The question is asked why you coudn't get the work done in the scheduled time.

    This is in complete contrast to when I worked in the UK. British nurses have a martyr complex. They love to be the first ones in and the last ones to go home. This gives a false picture to management that staffing is adequate when it's probably not. If you stay late you don't tend to acomplish much anyway. You're not fresh and you're often just in the way of the shift that's taken over.
  7. by   RNbug
    I work on a surgical unit at night. I work the 12h shift and we have some very disrespectful dayshift nurses that come in behind us. Don't get me wrong-not all of the are, but most of them are. They are SUPPOSE to be there for report at 0645, but do you know what time they get there? 0710! Yeah and nothing has been said to them for the 8 months I have worked there. I am suppose to be there and ready for report at 1900. So when I get off the elevator at 1845-1850 they are asking "ready for report yet?" and being serious! I am luck to clock out at 0730 in the mornings! Most mornings even after I report off I still have to help out on the floor because they will not answer the call bells or phone!!!!!! :angryfire I have mentioned this to my unit manager but she just says oh well! So I might get to leave 5% of the time on time. This is the only place I have worked since I graduated and so this is the world I know.
  8. by   duli03
    I try to leave on time but we have a huge amount of documentation at the hospital I work at, I would say I leave on time about 60% of the time and the other 40% of the time I may be an extra 15-30 minutes, usually its finishing documentation. :hatparty:
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  9. by   renerian

  10. by   QTRN74
    80% of the time I am out the door by 11:30pm...the other time, I am stuck catching up on paperwork.
  11. by   Kiekuh
    You know, it has been SO long since I left work at even a reasonable time, that I can not honestly tell you when my regular SCHEDULED time is...
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  12. by   transplant
    Hardly ever..not even on a good day!!
  13. by   adrienurse
    grrr, there's always some minor disaster that I can't hand off that sucks up at least 10 minutes of my time.