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  1. by   ERNurse752
    I've been a nurse for two years now, and I plan on going back for my MSN/FNP in January.

    I just finished a 12-week Forensic Nurse Examiner course.

    If I could, I would just be a professional student for the rest of my life!
  2. by   healingtouchRN
    it's so awesome to see so many want to imporve themselves, even if it's personal insteadof monetary. :kiss
  3. by   KailuaNurse
    I have been a nurse for almost one year. I am planning on eventually getting my Masters in a couple of years (after some floor experience) to become a Pediatric NP. I also want to get my PhD in nursing, I would love to be an educator in about 10-15 years.

    Good luck to everyone is going back to school!!!!
  4. by   NurseLili
    Is it worth it? You bet ...
    I consider that furhtering my education (to an MSN-FNP) is not mainly a matter of money, because I might not be reach the triple digits, but it's definitely a personal there can be more autonomy.
    The influence you can have in educating the population and actually having an influence on policy makes it much worth it...It's done for the nursing profession...
  5. by   iliel
    I'm almost complete with my BSN pre reqs, only 3 more semesters!
    Are there any current/graduates of university of colorado health sciences center?
  6. by   dwoodruff
    My personal philosophy is to continue my education until the day I die. I am currently working on my PhD, but will continue to persue education beyond that.

    I got the BSN for a job. I got the MSN for a different job. Now, I am completing the PhD for me.

    Additional education gives me the opportunity for other positions in and out of nursing and it helps me grow. It may sound corny but its true. With everything new that I learn, I find new ways to think about and solve problems.

    Count me in...I will always continue my education.

    Best wishes,

    David Woodruff, MSN, RN, CNS, CCRN
    Ed4Nurses, Inc.
    Nursing Continuing Education
  7. by   ?burntout
    Hopefully within the next several years, I will get the courage to go back for my BSN and then my MSN. I have always wanted to be a NNP but given some circumstances in my life, I may look into certification in counseling-particularly in grief counseling.

  8. by   adria37
    I am getting my MSN now and plan to continue for my PHD.
  9. by   obeyacts2
    I am working on my ADN degree and plan to eventually get my BSN and maybe an advnced practice credential. Around here most nurses are only ADNs unless they teach or are in some sort of management. BTW most of my fellow students are on a similar path; get the ADN and get bedside expereince now.....then when circumstances change (kids get bigger, etc) go back for advanced education and other nursing roles. Most consider bedside nursing to be a pitstop in their career path.

  10. by   MelRN13
    I just completed my ADN, and plan on returning to a BSN/MSN program next year. I would like to gain some experience first, and take a well needed rest from school!
  11. by   Tanker
    Right now I am starting a 2nd career as a nurse (grad in 2005). I have a BS in another field, have been in corporate America a loooong time. I start a BSN program in the Fall. I am planning on getting an advanced degree. In what I don't know yet (CRNA or NP or First Assistant or ...). Right now I am like a kid in a candy store. I want to do it all! OR. ER. ICU. PEDs. Geriatrics. I'm 45 and see the value in providing care to the baby boomers and also love working with kids (have coached soccer for years and really enjoy working with kids but don't know if I could deal with kids dying; just tears me up especially since a close friend of ours has a son dying of leukemia (1-3 weeks is the prognosis). I have 2 sons of my own (13 and 15). IS it too close to do PEDs?

    I see myself teaching in the future as well. I have enjoyed teaching my subordinates in the military and business community and have felt and achieved gratification by seeing them grow and reach success. But I need to know what I am doing first before being comfortable teaching others. I can't wait to get started for real!
  12. by   healingtouchRN
    wow! it sounds like you are right on track! do a little of every thing, you can, ya know! Your heart is in the right place. Ciao!
  13. by   LadyNASDAQ
    I started out as a LPN. Grauated at age 19 1/2.

    I work as a RN with an ASN degree from the University of the State of NY which is now called Excelsior College. I worked hard for that RN, believe me.

    A BSN will not do a thing for me financially and no, I am not interested in Administration, Teaching or anything away from bedside Nursing.

    I work as a Travel Nurse in the ICU/CCU. The money that is costs to pay for that worthless piece of paper in my case I am instead investing for my future retirement.