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  1. by   EmeraldNYL
    Yep. I have a previous degree in biology, graduate from nursing school this september, and plan to go back for CRNA in about 3 years. Then, who knows what?
  2. by   VickyRN
    Yes, am starting a totally online, MSN-Nurse educator tract in the fall.
  3. by   HARN
    I hope I can motivate myself to get back to school, I can not imagine doing this until I retire...The same type of patients, Dr's the whole routine is getting old...I will need a change. As far as where that will take me, I am still waiting for an applealing option.
  4. by   straba
    Yes, I am. I am in a BSN program now, and plan on continuing to a Masters degree, for either FNP or PA. Idealy I would like to continue with no break in my education, but I am aware that some programs prefer for you to have a year or two of floor experience under your belt before applying. We'll see!
  5. by   chartleypj
    Yes, knowledge is power.

  6. by   Valorie Davis
    I just signed up for my Nursing Masters in Education. I've been feeling restless, not as challenged, and think I'm just ready for another change in my life.
    Would enjoy hearing from others starting on the same path - specially if you have some good sources for financing. At this point there will be no financial benefit for having my masters. (The hospital where I work doesn't differentiate between ADN or BSN.)
    As a side note, does any one know of a site with care plans for disabled patients. I work with SPD part time and haven't really found good care plans other than 'return to previous level of function'.
    Thanks, Val
  7. by   mamabear
    If I was 37 or even 47, instead of 57, I would jump at the chance.
    My alma mater offers an online MSN program for ADNs with a bachelor's in another area; in my case, behavioral science. However, by the time I slogged through the curriculum one course at a time I'd be too old for anybody to hire me
  8. by   Browneyedgirl
    I am currently getting my pre reqs for BSN degree and plan on going on to a MSN in Midwifery after I get my BSN with the intention of opening the FIRST midwifery practice in my area.

    Why dream small, ya know?
  9. by   mamabear
    You go, girl :wink2:
  10. by   FutureNurse2005
    After I complete my BScN, I will be continuing on for my Masters.
  11. by   eltrip
    I'm taking the M.A.T. tomorrow afternoon. oping to get my MSN & becoming an about your alphabet soup!
  12. by   melly
    I would go back for further education only if it were in an area totally unrelated to nursing.
  13. by   pickledpepperRN
    I truly admire nurses advancing their education.
    We are heading for a severe shortage of Professors of Nursing and Nurse Educators.
    I earned my BSN after my kids grew up. LOVE taking CE classes!
    Also work night shift with a great group of co workers. No more educational goals for me.