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  1. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by alansmith52
    I dont' think we should be patiet advocates at the expence of our collegues.
    I'll thank you, then, to make sure you are never in the position of caring for me, a member of my family, my friends, or in fact anyone I care about. I think that if you research it, you'll find that your state BON doesn't share your opinion, either.

    Dear Lord. That is one of the most frightening things I have ever read.
  2. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by alansmith52
    one of the things that bring us down is "caring too much" it truly is. I dont' think we should be patiet advocates at the expence of our collegues.
    Re-quoting this once more to make sure anyone reading it gets the full impact. Holy cow.
  3. by   mamabear
    The vast majority of my colleagues/co-workers are very competent, dedicated professionals. However, there is one RN who works nights (my shift) who is so bizarre, so weird, so NOT a competent nurse This guy defies a description:
    My entire nursing career has been in adult psych. For some reason, this guy works psych nights because: you get more money, the patients are sleeping so you don't have to deal with them , and there are no bosses to observe him performing his OCD rituals.I won't waste valuable space going on and on about what all this clown HAS to do in order to even start the shift (you wouldn't believe me anyway!)
    If he was some first-rate, super nurse, a lot of his "eccentricities" could be overlooked, but he's not. He's rude to the patients, he avoids all but the most impersonal interactions with them, and he's got this cleanliness phobia: he gloves to give a med cup with two acetaminophen tabs to a perfectly healthy patient whose only "uncleanliness" is they were recently diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder:roll
    This is the God's truth. Until I met the guy, I thought other staff were exaggerating, or maybe had hidden agendas with the guy, but I soon realized they were right; unreal:uhoh21:
  4. by   karenelizabeth
    Right I was too tired to reply to this post last night after work (I have just had 3 very busy shifts working along side wonderful Dr's and nurses)

    so here goes.
    alansmith52 "one of the things that bring us down is "caring too much" it truly is. I dont' think we should be patiet advocates at the expence of our collegues."
    My job is caring for very small sick babies they are unable to ask for help or complain about care or treatment so they therefore NEED ME TO SO DO!!!!! I try to protect against anyone or anything to the best of my ability (this includes DR's)

    Do I give a drug that is prescribed incorrectly NO.

    Do I except dangerous or incompetent care NO.

    Yes there are ways of dealing with this channels to follow but there are times when action is needed NOW. Yes I feel like I'm telling tales at times but I am responsible for my actions and whether that is to do something that has harmed someone else of to allow someone else to do so.

    the responsibility IS the same.

    I do not care too much it is my job to be their advocate because they cannot do so for them selves.
    alansmith52 "docs don't back stab each other like this."

    Is this really such a good thing we are all human none of us is perfect. Perhaps in the UK we have had this show that closing ranks to protect ourselves is a bad thing I suggest you read up on the "Baby heart surgery scandal" and then tell me if it really is.

    If it done correctly It's not stabbing each other in the back it's protecting the profession. How can we improve the care we give if we do not self criticise
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  5. by   Youda
    There are certainly times when a good nurse has gotten run out of a place because of cliques, backbiting, and fault-finding. But, that is an entirely different thing from a truly incompetent and dangerous nurse. Let's make that distinction very clear.
  6. by   Nurse Ratched
    Lends more credence to the horrendous wrenching gut feeling I get at the suggestion that we should try to "cover up" bad nursing. Even after sleeping on it, I'm still shocked at the utter lack of logic and absent compassion for the people whom are entrusted to our care.

    I'm with Stargazer - I'll take my chances with one of those nurses who "cares too much" rather than someone who think his first loyalty is to his coworkers, patients be damned.
  7. by   rosy
    In my current position I would say yes all are competent. However this has not always been true. There have also been times that I felt my co-workers were competent, but there's was not ( opps, that would have been me.)
  8. by   imenid37
    i think nurses at the staff level that see a co-worker who is grossly incompetent rightly will go to management about the individual. this is where things break down. they want to turn a blind eye to the whole thing and turn it around on you. of course, most nurses, w/ a few exceptions are caring and try to educate and help those who are lacking or inexperienced BUT if the person is unwilling or unable to learn then the staff nurse's responsibility should end there if they have gone to management about the person. the co-worker i posted about earlier is very arrogant and will tell you she "knows how" to do a particular task and refuse your help and then turn around and do it incorrectly. then she will lament "no one ever told me that." the problem is people tell her the same thing over and over and over. she isn't listening. she is totally self-absorbed, immature, and i really fear she will kill someone one day. she has been w/ us for over 1 1/2 years and time and experience seem to do nothing to help her in her skills or judgement. it's not her age, we have had others who are young who learn and may be slow at first, but improve as time goes on. i think we were all awkward when we were new nurses if the truth be known. the thing that really disturbs me about this girl is that she always puts herself first. "i couldn't wait for the dr. to call me back w/ those orders. i was so hungry i had to go to lunch and then i just forgot." management hired this ding-a-ling and knows she is a very poor nurse. they have all of the incident reports going through their office. why don't they just get rid of her instead of telling others of us to help her more? we have enough work to do already! it makes me sick. half the time, we have to take a heavier load because we have her working on a shift w/ us and then we need to spend some more time figuring out how to help her fill out her incident report or answering her endless questions. she is such a liability. perhaps you'd like her at your facility alansmith. i've had enough of her at mine!
  9. by   imenid37
    sorry, i hit return too soon. how would you like her to be your nurse alansmith or your child's?
  10. by   VivaLasViejas
    Most of the nurses I've worked with in my career have been wonderful, but there have been a few who I think might have gotten their licenses out of a gumball machine!! Tops on the list is the one at my last nursing facility who couldn't organize a trip to the toilet, let alone manage 35 residents....and the owner/administrator made her a resident care manager. The woman was completely nuts---spent half her time outside smoking and the other half on her cell phone. That, of course, was when she wasn't *****ing about her co-workers, running to the owner when things didn't go her way, gulping down coffee and Xanax, talking about her sex life in Technicolor detail, and whining about not having custody of her kids. (Ya THINK?!) I have never met anyone so loud, profane, uncouth, sloppy, and just plain rude in my life. Even worse, I was the other RCM, and I figured if the owner thought she was so terrific he sure as hell didn't need me, so I left. Last I heard, he'd promoted her to DNS. Sure glad I don't work there anymore........
  11. by   Youda
    Originally posted by mjlrn97
    Even worse, I was the other RCM, and I figured if the owner thought she was so terrific he sure as hell didn't need me, so I left. Last I heard, he'd promoted her to DNS. Sure glad I don't work there anymore........
    I just loved this! :chuckle
    I think this is pretty much how most management get their jobs! (My apologies to managers who are truly good and caring), but this is a perfect example of the principle that people will rise to their level of incompetence!
  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Then you'll love this, Youda: I have it on good authority that the crazy b**** got fired a couple of days ago, by a new administrator who told her to pack her stuff and get the #@^*!! out of her building, NOW. I guess there is justice in the world after all. :-) (I also heard that they want ME to come back and be DNS, but I think they know better than to approach me about it---I made no secret of my contempt for the upper management when I left.)
  13. by   rncopper
    After reading all the posts, some comments:
    1. alansmith52 - PLEASE, PLEASE don't care for me, or my family when we get sick! And, I REALLY DON'T care to work with you, either!! If you would "side" with a colleague instead of putting a patient first - well, many, many previous people have stated it eloquently!!!
    2. I HOPE we eat our incompetent young!! I am not bothered or scared by the nurse, new or old, who asks questions. I am terrified at the 1 nurse who asks NONE!!
    3. Unfortunately, with the nursing shortage, people have gotten those initials "RN" behind their name, but, as was told me when I graduated that it meant "REAL NURSE", it does not necessarily mean that they are competent! Nursing has come a long way it terms of technology. We don't just take vitals, "wipe butts", and sit dressed in all whites and a cap!! We need critical thinking skills, time management skills, interpersonal skills, computer skills, problem-solving skills, good memory, inquisitive mind, and....I could go on and on. I am proud that I can do these things. But I have met some "RN's" who could find their way out of a bathroom with the door open!! They scare me!!!