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  1. by   tattooednursie
    Alot of times I just dont take breaks, but if I miss my lunch I put it down on my time card, or if I come early to finish the previous nights charting.
  2. by   whipping girl in 07
    I have found that by working 12 hour shifts, I can usually manage to squeeze in my lunch break. At night we eat at the desk and most of the time I just eat or surf the net while eating. It's the rare night where I don't have some downtime to eat, and I think the nights where I have lots of downtime make up for it, so I don't charge them for a missed lunch break.

    But I clock in and start working when I get there, and I don't clock out until I'm done. Sometimes I clock in early if things are a little crazy and the outgoing shift needs some help to get done so they can start report. I clock out 15 minutes late nearly every day, for varying reasons. It really burns me up when I'm ready to leave, already given report, and no one will count the narcs with me so I can go. I clock out late at least once a week because no one wants to count. And it seems like I count at least every other shift I work. And some people never count at all! Ugh!
  3. by   amylynn
    We also clock in and out at my hospital and they deduct 30 min automatically for a lunch. But there is also a code for "no lunch" and let me tell you, I use it freqently.
  4. by   patsue53
    I always try to remember to punch out "no lunch" when I don't get 30 minutes for lunch, but it's so automatic to just swipe my badge and leave that sometimes I forget. I seldom get 15 minute coffee breaks and they're just a wash. We only get paid overtime if we work more than 40 hours/week so staying over doesn't result in OT pay unless you're a 1.0. I'm a .8 so a few minutes over gets paid...but not overtime. I do think there should be some compensation for missed coffee IS a state law if not a federal one.
  5. by   auntchilli
    The facility I work for automatically deducts your lunch break--we are told no OT--as we have the option of having our break---of course if we fail to complete our 10 hours work in the 8 we are paid for we are suppose to leave it for the next shift --thus instead of 10 hours work we get 12--the administrator literally stands behind us at the end of noc shift and the end of day shift to encourage us to leave--many things are not done and it makes us all feel that we are unable to do a job completely--increasing staffing would help but this won't happen---we barely carry a 3.2 ratio--what is the answer??????
  6. by   patadney
    We clock in and out,so of course I am paid-however,I only work 3 days a week,so it may not be overtime,but it is paid time. I don't report missed breaks,try to get them,but don't worrry about it. Of course,smokers don't miss breaks! I do put down for no lunch-usually eat sometime,but do not count it as a break if I am eating while answering phones,charting with the left hand while eatiing,etc. I need 30 min off since I am not paid for my lunch break.This has to be reported separately,but they don't hassle us about that.
  7. by   outbackannie
    Sometimes reporting to the next shift runs into overtime especially if a staff member is late or slow getting it together - we give a verbal report. You bet I clock out after we're done. I also put in for missed lunches. They can holler about overtime all they want, but it's up to admin to do something about it.
  8. by   NurseDianne
    I work at night, so we really don't take a so-called lunch break. When I worked days they told us we were to take them anyway. They doc us 30 mins regardless.
    I don't feel bad about staying on the clock to chart late. It makes up for the 30 mins they take away.
  9. by   wtabtch_36
    Hi everyone!
    I'm a pn student and saw this post and had a few questions for you guys! During our clinicals days we go in at 7 and don't leave until 1 pm, my question is are there any laws that state how long of a break students are supposed to have or if we are to have a lunch break ? we recieve a 10 min break to do what ever we need to do ie : restroom, eat, smoke ect. unlike the rest of my clinical group i am also a phlebotomy student and have my phlebotomy clinicals on the same day from 5 am to 7 am ( i get up at 3 am ) and one 10 min break makes for a long day , our instructor refuses to allow us any more time to attend to our needs the hospital is large enought the by the time you get to the machine to get a drink you barely have time to make it back to the unit we are working on! does anyone have any suggestions on how we can get a longer break or if any laws are being broken only allowing us a 10 min break?????? if you know of any laws please send me the link !!!!
    i can be reached at
    kds spn in va
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  10. by   blondie
    A half-hour is automatically deducted for a meal. If I only get to take 15 minutes or so, I let it slide. Comes with the job. I believe none of the nurses at my facility take the full half-hour. However, if I don't get to take a meal at all, I notify the supervisor and fill out the appropriate form so that no time gets deducted from my hours that day. Other breaks are unheard of. As for overtime, of course I get paid. Understaffing is due to poor decisions on the part of the administration. If a nurse must stay late to complete her professional duties, she is simply doing her job as it has been laid out for her by the administration, and she should not feel guilty for doing what she was hired to do.
  11. by   cactus wren
    Ho everyone,
    I previously posted that we weren`t allowed to put "no lunch" on time card...Well, after several meetings with the suits and all nurses, we are now supposed to get paid(but no retroactive) Just finished my 6 days, and put "no lunch" on all 6 shifts.Time goes in Sunday, so by next payday we`ll see..........
  12. by   Youda
    Cactus, you can get paid retroactive. Just file a complaint with the Department of Labor. They'll come in and raise a little heck . . .
  13. by   Tweety
    When we you used hand write our time in the old days, I would always just put 40 hours regardless. Now we have a time clock and it's more accurate. We are deducted 30 minutes for lunch. We can write an exception report to request the pay if we've missed our lunch. I have never ever reported a missed lunch and there have been many many times. But there too are those quiet third shifts where I get my lunch time and then some, but those are few and far between.