Survey about med administration for a class

  1. I'm working on a project for my RN-BSN class about medication administration safety. I've created a short survey (6 questions) and would love if some of you wouldn't mind responding. It's completely anonymous and I would really appreciate some responses!

    Here is the link:

    Thank you in advance!!
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  3. by   julz68
  4. by   Casey, RN
    Thank you!!
  5. by   ~miss_mercy_me
    Will you be posting results? Yes???
  6. by   Casey, RN
    I hadn't planned on it, but I will

    Quote from ~miss_mercy_me
    Will you be posting results? Yes???
  7. by   imintrouble
    I attempted to fill out your survey, but being night shift, the first two questions almost never happen to me.
    Sorry. I tried.
  8. by   lub dub
    Do you need to supply any sort of information about the respondents to this survey? I realize that this is anonymous, but you don't even know if the people filling it out are RNs, LPNs, nursing students...
  9. by   Eldrad
    There should be a write in box to explain. Depending on what type of floor you work on effects a lot of questions. When i worked on a tele floor i absolutely did all those almost 100%. In an ER you take a lot more verbal orders. You know what the doc ordered even if you can't read it. and you're not charting meds at the bedside for critical pt's.
  10. by   BSNbeDONE
    Verbal orders are not allowed at our facility unless it is in a code situation.
  11. by   blondy2061h
    We don't allow hand written orders at all any more, so I can't answer the first two questions. We do bar code scanning so 4&6 don't apply to me either.
  12. by   mmccluskey
    Answered the survey for you! Good luck in your classes
  13. by   healthcare4life
    Sorry 6 out of 7 doesn't pertain to me. We're on computer charting and our facility doesn't allow verbal orders. I scan the patient's armband before giving the medication and if s/he is allergic to the medication, an allergy box will pop up before it will allow me to proceed with administration.
  14. by   Rose_Queen
    I can't answer almost any of your questions. We use Epic, so no handwritten orders. Because the surgeons are scrubbed, if they give me a verbal order I enter it in Epic and they sign it after surgery. When I'm giving meds, the patient is already asleep, so I can't ask name/DOB. Do always check allergies. Documentation gets done at some point during the surgery- I also document some of the meds that anesthesia gives, so it's usually after the fact because I have to ask, they never remember to tell me. Also, we don't document some of the meds used until surgery is complete, especially local (some given as an intercostal block before closing, some given as subcutaneous block during closing). The OR is a unique environment when it comes to medications, as some are given by anesthesia, some are given by the RN, some are given by the person running the cardiopulmonary bypass machine, and some are given by the PA.