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mer�ci�ful /ˈmərsifəl/ Adjective Showing or exercising mercy: "the will of a merciful God that all should be saved". (of an event) Coming as a mercy; bringing someone relief from something unpleasant. Synonyms gracious - clement - charitable - compassionate - lenient Mercy, detached from Justice, grows unmerciful. ~C.S. Lewis

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  1. ~miss_mercy_me

    What has been your most meaningful job as a nurse?

    ~Absolutely love your heart and your passion for nursing.
  2. ~miss_mercy_me

    Epic (Nursing) FAILS!

    "Because God is good, He often waits with anticipation to give the long-awaited miracle, but He does wait: He waits for pride to give way to humility, for knowledge to defer to wisdom, and for anxiety to burn itself out into abiding hope." LOVE THIS QUOTE!!!
  3. ~miss_mercy_me

    How Nurses Are Like Olympians

    Eye On A Goal For the Olympian, that goal is to perform their task to the best of their ability and earn a medal, preferably a gold medal. Our mission... Well said! Thank You.
  4. ~miss_mercy_me

    Survey about med administration for a class

    Will you be posting results? Yes???
  5. ~miss_mercy_me

    Never Argue With Dementia (and Other Nuggets of Nursing Wisdom)

    "take-home lesson: arguing with dementia is like trying to teach a pig to sing---it never works, and it annoys the living daylights out of the pig." "here are a few more nuggets of nursing wisdom for you, if you want them." want them??? ... in one word "yes". thanks so much for the nuggets... i'm guessing you have many more nuggets rolling around in your head to share... bring them on
  6. ~miss_mercy_me

    How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

    Food for thought... lots to think about... THANKS!
  7. ~miss_mercy_me

    A nursing student at 48. My journey could be yours...

    "if you're a little older and feel that it's too hard or that you'll be too old when you graduate think of this...you'll be too old anyway so you may as well do something with the time. i can't think of anything better than training yourself to be in service to others." love the above quote, as it as has so much truth in it :)
  8. ~miss_mercy_me

    Share those precious last minutes, they deserve it...

    so beautifully written with keen insight and compassion ... thank you for sharing!
  9. ~miss_mercy_me

    i failed out of nursing school...now what

    i failed out of nursing school...now what by mashamontago hi there... just wanted to say hang in there. perhaps, just continue in a general ed., and seek out areas/majors that really interest you. at your age, it is somewhat common not to be 100% sure of your life's work.... just don't give up on your education.
  10. ~miss_mercy_me

    Hello AllNurses

    welcome asee... it sounds like you're off to a good start. i am new here and already like :loveya: this forum a lot!
  11. ~miss_mercy_me

    Hello fellow nurses!

    hi liz.... welcome and nice to meet you. i am also new to the site, and really like it here :loveya:
  12. ~miss_mercy_me

    I'm new too...

    welcome natny23... this forum is the best, very supportive, and full of views & ideas. here's a big hello to you
  13. ~miss_mercy_me

    Murphy's Laws of Nursing

    "murphy's laws of nursing" :lol: ... these posts are hilarious and so true!!! :loveya: i'm loving it and needed a good laugh. :lghmky: thank you, thank you!!! :fnypst:
  14. ~miss_mercy_me

    Hi! New here!

    Hi there traceymichelle.... :wlcmhnds: This is the best group ever :[anb]: And may I say..... :grpwlcm:
  15. ~miss_mercy_me


    Hi there dreamann.... :wlcmhnds: This is the best group ever :[anb]: And may I say..... :grpwlcm: