Student Nurse trying to make it

  1. Hi.

    I am a student nurse trying to make ends meet. It is tuff. I guess my main problem is that my family does not support me at all. I am 23 years old and currently enrolled in the R.N. program.

    My parents basically left me go on my own when I was 19 because I chose NOT to join the same religious group as they did. I am sorry but I just don't believe the way they do......I have no support at all from them. Sometimes I feel like I just want to give up....

    Thanks to my wonderful Fiance'. He and his family have been heaven sent. Just was wondering if anyone else has ever been thru this.

    Just need some encouragement.
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  3. by   nur20
    If it were me, i wouldn't see this as a choice. I would have to continue if i wanted it bad enough. Your parents really have no obligation to support you other than through the goodness of their heart. Although i disagree with their reasons, they are their reasons. So welcome to the real world, you're on your own.Is It possible to apply for a grant, maybe a part time job, Prehaps a loan? I don't know your situation, but i do know that with the severe nursing shortage there are quite a few options around, including financial assistance. You won't have everything your way or have everything you want or desire, but anything worth having is worth sacrificing for. You would be surprised what some of us have sacrificed to get were we want to be.You might even have to break awhile, work, then return. Whatever it takes. Don't give up, we need you !!!! Just a thought in passing...Hope you're not getting married for the wrong reasons
  4. by   armyrn
    Student Nurse: I hate to sound like a recruiting poster but have you considered the military? There are lots of great opportunities to have your tuition paid for by the army, air force, or navy. There are lots of financial benefits plus it's the most rewarding practice there is.
  5. by   GPatty
    Hey Pebbles!
    It's good to have ya here! And believe me, we all know about how hard it is going thru Nursing School. But like it has been said, if you want it bad enough, you'll do it!

    You wouldn't belive the corners my family has had to cut in order for me to get thru this time. I was in school before, and quit when I got pregnant with our youngest baby, who is now in 1st grade. That was a foolish move on my part, I should've went on as long as I could've.

    But, as before... I wanted to be a nurse, and I am going this time. Yes, hard times will come, and they will go... but this time, nursing school is here to stay!

    And, even though you may not have joined with your family, they do still love you. Always know that. But don't rely on them to get you through. Rely on yourself and your own strengths. That'll always get you through.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   Michelle_nurse
    I had the same situation as you when I was in nursing school.
    I moved out at 17, to go to college.......I never had any help, cause my parents didn't have the extra $ and they didn't go to college, so I don't think they understood what it was like. Although I am sure they would have helped if they could have.

    From 17-20 years old, I was living with my (ex) bfriend, so it was smoother, I broke up and moved out at the same time as my parents separated. I had to move in with my aunt for 6 months and start from zero again, cause I had nothing! I was making $8 Canadian an hour at Sears. I remember really bad living conditions to be in nursing school.

    It was so hard, that I took over a year off, and I was going to give up. In that year, I got a job paying over double than Sears, and it was a lot easier. I worked 15 hours a week and I was able to get by. At 22, I moved in with my current bfriend, and went back into nursing school and together things worked out great, he was in University also at the time. We both graduated, this past Spring. (Although his grad ceremony is next week).

    If I can give you any advice, don't work too much......or your schooling will suffer, Try not to take out too many student loans (I had $6000 in loans when I lived with my ex........of course when I really needed it when I was alone, I was not entitled!)

    Don't be afraid to finish the program over a longer period of time, if your situation is that bad. I did it over 4 and a half years, and I still have the same diploma as everyone else and I am 25 years old, not too old I guess.

    Hang in there!!! Believe me, it feels TOTALLY AMAZING to get that diploma and your licence, especially if you did it all on your own. You can do it!!!
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  7. by   essarge
    Does your school participate in the Federal Student Nursing loan program? I got 2500 for that, pell grant, needy student grant, and subsidized/unsubsidized loans. It paid for tuition, books, some bills here at home. I also get a stipend of $137.00 every other week which helps because my hubby is sole support of me and our two teen boys while I'm in school. Talk to you financial aid advisor and surf the net for scholarships. Good luck!!
  8. by   P_RN
    Pebbles, first off welcome. Secondly DON'T GIVE UP!!

    At 23 you are entitled to be on your own. I'm sorry you are estranged from your parents. Don't give up on loving them though.

    I started nursing school at 17 and finished 13 days short of 30. Been there, done that got the T shirt!

    Keep plugging away. You will get all the emotional, fellowship support here that you can manage.

    Financially, you have been given some excellent options already. I like the Military suggestion. You can get a great education there. I have worked with MANY RNs who had their entire schooling paid for by the army, air force or navy. Don't know any marines yet.

    Keep coming back and bring us up to date on how things are going OK?
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Chose a theater organ over a college education from my parents...needed the organ to continue teaching organ students, hone music skills to pay for college. Got thru 1st year at commuter died. Had met a great guy, droped out of school to save money, got married 1 year later went to LPN school...3 years later returned to college so I could get paid for what all I was doing! Able to get financial aid from hospital to help with tuition in agreement for longer employment.

    In todays nursing shortage, look in sunday newspaper, nursing employment publications like Nursing Spectrum and Advance for Nurses: east coast + Chicago area, Nurse Week: West coast and Texas for ads of hospitals offering tuition reimbursment for nurse extender employment. If not in any of these areas, why not contact a well thought of facility in your area and offer yourself in exchange for tuition assistance---ask for $2,000-3,000/year minimum in exchange for 18 months employment.

    Good Luck and welcome to our family!
  10. by   Jenny P
    Pebbles, like everyone has said, if you really want it, you can do it. I put myself through a diploma program 32 years ago and am slowly starting to work on my BSN-- again (I've been sidetracked a time or 2 along the way). I'm not too old, and I know that whatever happens, as long as the "hunger" for something is there, I can acheive it. You can too, if you just remember what is important to you.
    Good luck, and keep telling yourself that you can do it!