Stranded without psych meds!

  1. Friend of mine called me today. She's travelling, and as we were talking, she realized that she didn't have her medications with her.

    She can't get in touch with her doc tonight--it's Friday after 9 pm. She won't get home until Tuesday.

    Should she go to the ER or Urgent Care clinic before she goes into a crisis or are there other (cheaper) resources available to her?
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  3. by   Indy
    Maybe she could call the urgent care clinic to find out if they can help her?
  4. by   TazziRN
    I would suggest she call the local mental health hotline to find out if there's some way they could help her. If that doesn't work, then she should go to the nearest ER/urgent care. This would not be an emergent problem but definitely an urgent one. She would probably have to pay for the meds out of pocket but they could write her enough to get through till she gets home.

    Taz (ER nurse)
  5. by   whiskeygirl
    If she uses a pharmacy that is national, occasionally the pharmacist will be able to dispence a couple of pills to get her back home. It will depend on the medication and the pharmacist. There is a possibility that she could have her Rx transferred, that might only be possible is she is still in the same state.
  6. by   UM Review RN
    Thanks for the help. She left a message with her doc and is going to call her pharmacy in the morning.

    This happens a lot in Florida since we have such a huge tourist industry.
    hi, if the meds are with a chain of stores. ie cvs or walgreens. Sometimes they will give you enough to get through the weekend. We did that one time with my mothers thyroid pills. it is worth the try.