Story on Oprah: Cradle Rape

  1. I watched Oprah today and I've never felt more disgusted or ill in my life, hearing about babies that are being raped in South Africa by grown, AIDS infested 'men' who have been told that if they have sex or 'lay with a child' that the purity of the virgin child will cause the AIDS to go away.
    Have any of you ever heard a more sickening thing? They told of a 8 month old........8 MONTHS OLD......that had been savagely gang rapes and cut. The baby was found abandoned and was rushed to the hospital. The injuries so severe, that even the ER doc's cried. AMAZING TO ALL, that precious little miracle lived!! She was adopted by an amazing lady and the baby, now 2 is healthy, loving, and doing well.
    My heart is so heavy with this horrafic thing that is going on.
    As nurses, what could we do? I don't know how I would even react if I had to treat a patient like this. Would my emotions consume me? Could I be partial?? Oprah said that the country is ashamed. I GUESS SO!! What could our country, our medical society do to help stop this?? Any suggestions??
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  3. by   leslie :-D

    i can't even go there and wouldn't know where to begin. satanic.
  4. by   helpinghands
    I saw the program this afternnoon. It was so heartbreaking. The situation with AIDS in the country is heartbreaking. They stated on the program that they need to raise men the weren't able to commit this acts, but to me it sounds like the key is education, they need to break this "myth" and make the much needed medication available to these people. It's so sad, the situation is so desperate there. The woman who has taken the child in seems to be very loving and caring. I hope that there are many more like her that will take a stand and tell the story so this problem can be solved. Like you, I hope others will reply so we can also help.
  5. by   weetziebat
    Where are the parents of these babies? Are they involved in all this? Didn't see the show, but cannot even begin to comprehend what kind of a "man" would do that to a child. Who is telling these stories about the AIDS being cured by this? What about the religious leaders in South Africa? Seems like they could do more than perhaps anyone else to stop these attacks.
  6. by   kimlpn
    I watched this too! It made my 12 year old daughter nearly cry. She asked me why do people do this??? I really had no answer WHY would someone do this??? It is a blessing that she has found a wonderful adoptive mother to care for her. She looks so happy and healthy now...but will surely live the lifetime effects of this brutal EVIL crime.
  7. by   cannoli
    The baby was 5 months old, and was "staying in a prostitution hotel".

    If you missed the show, there is a synopsis of each segment on the site.
  8. by   Boo439
    That's unreal. I hope that by some chance, the little girl was too young for her to remember the events when she gets older.
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Like Oprah said:

    "if you are female and born in America, you are already one of the luckiest girls on Earth"amen to that.

    So sad this show. I am really in tears, watching it now. Makes me want to vomit, really.
  10. by   cannoli
    Many times I have said, thank God I was born in america.
  11. by   fergus51
    It is absolutely horrific. The idea that a man can cure himself of HIV by raping an infant.... There are no words.
  12. by   Truly_Blessed
    I did not catch this show...kind of glad I didn't. There are so many savage things going on in South Africa that break my heart. This is one I had not heard of. I wish I had some suggestions, but I don't. All I know, is that one day in the future, I will be heading that way with any organization that will have me, to help out over there. My main concern is the children. Those children are so beautiful and have endured so much pain and hardship. I break down everytime I think of them I just cannot believe a grown man would rape a baby! I am on the verge of vomiting just thinking about it.
  13. by   fergus51
    Unfortunately it isn't isolated there. My dad said the youngest rape victim he saw in his career was 18 months old. Thank God it isn't as commonplace here, but child abuse is an issue everywhere.
  14. by   beccaleigh72
    I watched the show today also. It is so sickening that this is happing and so many people know about it. The fact that the punishment was so minimal that is makes me want to puke!!!!!!!! We can do something! How about we all write Oprah back asking for her guidance of what we might be able to do, to actually make an impression. I know that there are houndreds if not thousands that post on this site. Make a pledge that you will write and if we all come together we CAN do something. So I'm going right now to the web site to express my concern... NO BABIES BE HARMED!!!!!!! Please join in the effort.