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O.K. I'm venting here. I am disgusted by people that do not know how to properly clean thier behinds after a BM!:( :( I am not talking about people with special needs or handicaps. I do not... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    I can't say about the behinds but I know I have the most God awful smelly feet I have ever smelled. My family will agree with that LOL. Especially if I wear nylons.........PEWWWWUUUU

  2. by   yougohelen
    I am not saying Ok. has the "Stinkiest Butts" Its' just that here
    lately,we seem to be having more than our share of them. I would
    also like to say, I DO NOT mean those poor unfortunate pts. that
    CANNOT properly care for themselves. I never bat an eye when
    taking care of them. That may be me one of these days. But, hey
    now, I'm talking DINGLE BERRIES on some of these healthy,
    well dressed people. Thanks for all shaving cream tips!! Also, I
    lived in Las Vegas for three years and all those waitresses told
    me to ALWAYS have two pairs of shoes at work and change them
    mid-way thru your shift. I tried it, and it works for me. It seems to
    save my feet from hurting so much. Bless you all! Helen
  3. by   Hardknox
    Originally posted by RN2BeIn2005
    this is actually a thread?
    I see you are to be an RN in 2005. You'd better read the hints on this thread very carefully. They will help you in your RN duties. This will be your life.:chuckle
  4. by   nrw350
    Originally posted by jeannet83
    Not to gross you all out, but the stinky feet, smelling butts, intoxicated breath, fartatious smells I can handle. It's those extremely rare cases of folks who haven't taken off their shoes in AGES that they have maggots chewing on their feet. Now that will definitely turn my stomach!

    Hope no one is munching on anything right now!!


    [passes ou on floor at the thought of that]

    DAMN! How could anyone stand that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  5. by   nrw350
    Originally posted by AlaskanRN
    I wasn't aware of the shaving cream to the feet trick, but shaving cream works wonders to get dried feces off of stinky butts.

    Especially in those situations where the pt has been setting/lying in it for a long time and it is nearly impossible to remove. A thick layer of shaving cream will make it easier on both you and the pt.
    ya think it would also smooth or make less callous the skin on the bottom of the feet? LOL:roll
  6. by   Honeysundun
    Originally posted by yougohelen
    O.K. I'm venting here. I am disgusted by people that do not
    know how to properly clean thier behinds after a BM! I am
    not talking about people with special needs or handicaps.
    I do not understand why someone would go to a doctors office
    or hospital and smell like "poop" What is up with that? Or is it
    something I am making a big deal over? Anyway, I
    can handle odors from illness or wounds. But, this bugs me!!
    Thanks for listening!! Hugs to all!

    Hi Everyone!! Ohhhhhh I sooooooo agree with this! Sometimes I think our titles should change to Licensed or certified butt wipers Ican understand a person who is over weight and has trouble with getting themselves clean. But the average Joe??? :shrugs: Sometimes I am tempted to teach them how to properly wipe their butt! lol
  7. by   flashpoint
    I agree that some people are unable to care for themselves or to clean themselves properly, but it is the ones who just don't that we are talking about. We have a patient who we see quite often and she just stinks all the time. She is a very large lady and I know it's hard for her to get ot all of her parts. When I have her as a patient, I'll use the lift and get her in the tub and let her soak all day. I change the water a few times and get out a bunch of wash cloths and q-tips and scrub every inch of her. Then we slather on a bottle of baby lotion and powder her bum and under her breasts and just wait for her to come in the next time. It frustrates me when we are swamped and I don't have time to do this for her, but there are a bunch of us who will stay late to do the bath for her! We also scrub her hair (delouse it sometimes) and deep condition it and comb it until it shines. It's sad that she cannot do all of this for herself.

    As for the patients who just won't keep themselves clean, not much we can do about that. I carry a sample sized jar of Vicks Vapo-Rub in my pocket...people think I always have a cold. LOL.

    One of our ER docs recommends warm tub soaks for just about every patient he sees. He even buys bottle of bubble bath on sale and gives them out to the patients who really need a bath. He'll order warm soaks for everything from back pain to headaches to nausea!
  8. by   RadRN2
    What a nice person you are, cotjockey! And the bunch who will stay late to help you give her a bath, also!
  9. by   Jvilleredhead
    Shaving cream has been suggested to me by CNA's when I was doing clinicals for the peri area really really gets rid of the smell.

    Don't know what the "policy" is on putting shaving cream "down there" but I said, it works on everything.
  10. by   imenid37
    what really grosses me out is when you do a ve and it's so crusty and filthy in the perineal area you expect to hear a crunch sound when you touch them. one of the girls i work w/ stated that she would need a machetti to do a ve on a particular hygenically challenged person w/ matted pubic hair. yuck! how about sputum not the smell, but the look of it. GROSS!!!
  11. by   Teshiee
    That is a pet peeve of mine too. As long as I can remember my mother taught us about being clean.. To come in an establishment with your arse being ripe is sickening. That is why I don't do postpartum or L&D give me a neonate anyday!!
  12. by   Streamlined
    Don't wear the same shoes everyday, alternate. Don't wear nylons, wear real cotton sox and change your sox mid-shift (just sit for one minute and let your bare feet dry out). You know that "crystal deodorant rock thing" they sell in health food stores? Apply that to your feet-soles in particular-before putting on your footwear.
  13. by   dale mutter
    my dad had bad stinky feet.Half boric acid powder, and half corn starch in a shaker can, will solve the problem. Sprinkle on feet and in shoes, you wont smell anything anymore.!!