1. What is the generally the best stethoscope to use? IM a new student to nursing so im kinda interested to know the best of the best..? Any advice?
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Do a search. The consensus is Littman.
  4. by   Lacie
    Definitely Littman. Start with maybe the classic then move up once your out of school depending on what area you end up working in post graduation. You can find them on ebay pretty reasonable. I just bought a new Littman Master Classic II for $40.00 on ebay which is a steal. There are other littmans less expensive and honestly dont think you can beat the brand as far as reliablity and durability.
  5. by   CT Pixie
    I've been in many aspects of healthcare..from Pharmacy Tech to CNA and EMT. I have always had the best luck with Littman. I doubt I'll ever buy another brand. I have used others but they didn't work as well, for me, as the Littman.

    I am starting LPN school on March 12 and I was told I had to have my own stethoscope. Of course I went with a Littman..Littman Classic II to be exact...LOVE IT!

    You're going to have to try some out to see which fit your ears better, which YOU can hear better with etc. As with many things, whats great for me might not work for you and vice versa.
  6. by   pcicurn7
    cant go wrong with a littman. when i was starting nursing school, i had an instructor tell me that we shouldnt get the pricey ones because we surely wouldnt have it by graduation.

    Good thing i didnt listen to her, I bought a Cardiology III Littman and love it (and still have it). And besides, by the time you are done with nursing school, you will probably be broke and not be able to afford a nice stethoscope (haha. that was my case).

    Littman made a REALLY nice pink classic II stethoscope (for breast cancer awareness)...
  7. by   richardjboro1
    Littman Light works for me. You're gonna be hustling everywhere, so the less weight you have the better. O, and get a nameplate or tag for it. They WILL walk, unless you get a goofy color. Even docs steal! Put your name on EVERYTHING. "thing's i've learned in nursing school"

  8. by   medchick
    I agree with everyone else...Littmann. I have a Cardiology II from when I was an Air Force medic and it saw me all the way through nursing school and just bought an infant one for the NICU. Just make sure you look for good websites to get them from. You can find them at good prices if you just do the research. Good luck.
  9. by   spencerianstudent
    thanks for all the advice..i googled some and littmanns popped up and i saw that breast cancer was cute haha.. and yea school is most expensive so maybe i will get a cheap one lol thanks..
  10. by   NicoleRN07
    I use a Littman Master Cardiology one I've had.
  11. by   oualie20
    I agree with Nicole RN, Littman Master II, by far the best ! Don't forget to wipe it down after every use... oh and put your name all over that baby
  12. by   Ayvah
    I agree with Iris; I got a Littman Cardiology III from the start of nsg school. My reasoning was that if you are listening to abnormal i.e. heart sounds, you should be able to hear them with the clearest quality sound, not a cheap steth that will impede your learning and subsequent care. Just keep the steth around your neck at all times and that will decrease the likeliness of losing it.
  13. by   ann945n
    I have a Littman cardiology III and love it! I got it online from a site that engraved my name on top the metal, a name tag can be torn off then stolen but you cant tear off engraving!
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