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Hi, was just wondering what is the best length for a stethoscope. I have pretty much decided on going on and getting a Littman Cardio III, but am not sure whether to get the 22" or the 27"? Any... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    I like the shorter ones too. Not so much for the better sound, but the patient has to reach up farther to grab the stethoscope before they can choke you. Gives you time to get away....
  2. by   RN2B2005
    Check out the official Littmann can find it using Google.

    They actually studied whether or not there was an appreciable difference in sound conduction with the shorter tubes vs. the longer tubes. There wasn't.

    Littmann makes a 32" veterinary stethoscope (identical to the Master Classic II except for the length of the tube), and I used this stethoscope when I still worked as a veterinary technician. The sound quality was fabulous, even with a squirming, barking patient while auscultating through fur.

    Now I have a Cardio III in the 27" length, and although I've only practised on my husband, the sound quality seems to be pretty good.
  3. by   renerian
    I like the shorter one.............jemb funny on the cough!

  4. by   KRVRN
    One of my coworkers ended up with a terrible cracked area in the tubing from wearing it around her neck. One night it broke so bad it was unusable. One of the guys cut out the damaged area and jury-rigged it together with a spot tie to tide her over until she got a new one. it was a good 8 or so inches shorter (was 27").

    She found out Littmann would repair damaged stethoscopes so she sent it in, hoping they would replace the tubing and then she could have her 27" stethoscope again. When they sent it back they had indeed replaced the tubing... but had cut it to the same length as the one she sent them. They sent her a note saying that while they had done research showing that customers liked the 27" tubing for XYZ reason yadda yadda, they would be happy to cut hers to the length she previously had.
  5. by   AHarri66
    I like my short Littman Master Cardio...and I keep it in my pocket.

  6. by   lenawa
    As a note of interest, when i was in nursing school, one of my instructors would not allow us to wear stethascopes around our necks stating it was a bad habit to get into. apparently there had been research linking nurses/docs who regularly wore them around their necks to increased neck injuries, kind of like a repetitive strain injury. don't know where/when study was from, but found it interesting
  7. by   globalRN
    I get patients to turn their heads somewhat to the left/right' by asking them to look over 'there' to a spot I will point out. That way, they aren't breathing all over me, or coughing in my face if I am auscultating their anterior chest.
  8. by   ageless
    when i was in nursing school we we not allowed to were it around our necks because our instructors called it looking "presumptuous"
  9. by   boggle
    How are you measuring tubing length? I have an Ultrascope. I'm not sure where to begin measuring length, but it's pretty long. Very fine, excellent, wonderful, sound with the long tubing.

    The manufacturer suggests cleaning the tubing regularly with "Pledge" because the body oils, (from wearing it around the neck?), will degrade the plastic.
  10. by   Jay-Jay
    My Littman had a 22" tubing, and I found I had a terrible time reading the old fashioned wall-mounted blood pressure monitors! I couldn't see them unless I craned my neck at an awkward angle. I got a 27" tubing, and cut it to a comfortable length (about 24" from bell to 'Y')
  11. by   kaycee
    I would never spend a lot of money on a stethoscope. They constantly walk in the ER. Mine cost around $20 bucks and for what I use it for it works just fine.
  12. by   Wolfbeareagle
    Thanks so much, yall are an awesome group!!
  13. by   RNFROG3
    Global good idea-
    I like the longer stethoscope single tube cuz it stays on my neck and the tube holders don't yank out my hair all night long.
    Word for the wise though if you are buying an expensive scope try not to wear it on the neck, the oil from your skin hardens the tubing and does eventually stay in your neck shape and then cracks and breaks.
    KRVRN-that was hilarious!