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I just finished dealing with staffing. I received a very angry call. "Where are you. You are scheduled to work today. You have to come in". I explained that my copy of my work hours says I'm off,... Read More

  1. by   Namaste4All
    As a student nurse looking to decide where I want to work, I beg you to come up with a coding sytem to help us all avoid the bad places. This could even work to force them to shape up.

    Quote from xrockstheheart
    we need to come up with a code for all the hospitals and nursing supervisors that do this. so nurses can know exactly what facility we are talking about.
    like, H, for hospital, then the unit, then the zip code. the same with the nursing administrator, so we can protect ourselves from these people.
  2. by   LPN1974
    My, God, how could a code work?

    There are too many places where this happens. We have 3 nursing homes in my town, how would you know which one I was talking about, unless I gave you the specific name, which I can't do on this board?

    You just have to do your own investigation of any place you apply for a job at.
    Go in and ask questions, ask about ratios, talk to other employees already there, look at the patients to see if they look well cared for.
    Notice the SMELL, especially in nursing homes. If it smells like urine all the time, there's a BIG problem.

    You just have to investigate these places on your own.
    I work at a state job, It has some problems, but not nearly what the nursing home had where I worked at. And not nearly the problems stated by others at some places they've been.
    I guess I'm pretty blessed to work where I do.
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    Quote from Dragonfair
    The famous thing ours does is calls you in then floats someone to another floor for hell treatment. The moral in our hospital is so far down it won't ever come up. :angryfire
    OOH... hate when they take advantage of our team spirit... and use us to staff the whole hospital... :angryfire

    I've learned to call my coworkers on the job to make sure the staffer is not manipulating me, as we do try to cover our unit and help each other out.
  4. by   ldkrn
    Quote from jett01
    I get called often (but not harassed thank goodness) on my days off. I simply say no thanks and they move on. I will not run myself into the ground for an employer. Like they care. I look at it this way. There are many opportunities out there. Nursing is my career and I intend to continue with it as long as possible. My current position is only a job ... and if necessary it can be replaced.
    There's no excuse for harassing people, and even less for lying to them. I guess I have a much lower tolerance for abuse than most people, because I would have given notice the next day. When I interviewed for my next job, I would have told them exactly why I quit the last one. There's a nursing shortage, folks! We don't need to put up with this nonsense.
  5. by   Genevieve RN
    Wow, I just read all of these stories and I am shocked. geez.

    I have caller i.d. I always have my machine pick up when the work number comes on. If I speak to them, they just beg and it's annoying. If it's my boss, or a friend from work I just call back. Gives me a minute to collect my thoughts anyway. Caller I.D. is a godsend.
  6. by   Mandylpn
    I bet I can top that, how about showing up for your shift as a nurse and being told you are working as a CNA for the shift? it happens where I work.
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    Quote from luv2quilt:)
    I bet I can top that, how about showing up for your shift as a nurse and being told you are working as a CNA for the shift? it happens where I work.
    Happens sometimes at the hospital where I work, too. I don't sweat it too much - it's a nice change of pace every now and then. I enjoy the personal care stuff and don't worry about having to pass pill and chart. And they pay me the same regardless. I'll scrub toilets if that's where I'm needed (and as long as they're not just adding it on top of my regular responsibilities.)

    As regards the lying to get you in, I never cease to be amazed at the stuff I read. I feel very comfortable saying no when I don't want to work/am not scheduled. No excuses needed. And if I have a copy of the schedule and I'm not on it, ain't no way someone is getting me in with those tactics.
  8. by   polgaras
    up until a month ago, our schedule at the nurses station was it is not. unless we work 0800-1630 we have no way of knowing the correct staffing schedule.

    but even with an accurate schedule i too, have similar experiences with someone calling me on an off day and demand i come to work as i was scheduled. depends on what is going on personally as to whether i go or not. and i give no explanation other than "too busy" or "no sleep".

    i would make a copy of the schedule and write a note to whomever is over staffing and complain of the made me an enemy but one who respected me.
  9. by   nursesinabox
    Quote from stidget99
    Ok........I am mildly ashamed to admit this but............. when someone from the hospital calls and tries to co-erce me into working I simply tell them that I can't because I have been drinking or just took some cold medicine, etc. Is this terrible of me???? I mean, I do my fair share of OT but don't appreciate it when I am forced to or guilted into working. Ok...I will go hang my head in shame.

    That's awsome, I gotta try that one. heh heh.
  10. by   polgaras
    Quote from Namaste4All
    As a student nurse looking to decide where I want to work, I beg you to come up with a coding sytem to help us all avoid the bad places. This could even work to force them to shape up.
    unfortunately, a "good place" can go bad overnight. and employees at all levels seem to play round-robin job hopping. the area i currently live in is doing just that now. it's like we get fed up with the current situation and move to the new one...only our 'bad' co-workers follow! (isn't that why i left the last position?) every place has it's ups and downs and it's a matter of deciding what you are willing to tolerate and not willing wieghing the difference.
  11. by   grandee3
    Quote from night owl
    I had to read this twice to make sure I was comprehending what I was reading. You're saying that you weren't scheduled to work today, but they tried to make like you were by calling and harrassing you to get your butt in even though you were off? So you called your unit to make sure there weren't any changes made that you weren't aware of and you were really and truly off today. Am I correct? If I am, that is truly unbelievable and they have a lot of ballz to do something like that and I would have told them rightfully so. :angryfire Cheeses, you can't even have a day off in peace. Get that caller ID.
    Ditto to all replies. I work 7p-7a 3 nights a week. One afternoon recently I finally laid down after working and running errands. It was about 1:15pm. My phone rang and I did not even look at the call ID. It was our staffing person. She asked me if I could go to work (now) and help with admits. I asked her if she knew that I worked the night before, she said "yes". I told her I was just getting to bed because I had errands to run when I got off. She said "well, you're not sleeping yet". I could not believe she said that! I told her that I was awake for over 26 hours and did she have any idea what she was asking me to do. She said well, you're off tonight you can sleep then. I could not believe what I was hearing. I told her NO. She then asked me if I could go in from 5p-7p. My blood was boiling, I told her no again and ended the call. When I woke up at 6:30p I checked my messages and she had called again about 3:45p asking me if I changed my mind and could I go in at 5p. My cell phone had the same message.. I counted to 10, If I had picked up the phone and called this person back I would probably lost my job.
    From previous experience I know that when you go in to help out it never fails that the 7p shift comes up short and you get stuck there.
    Anyway, the next time I went to work I wrote her up and had my co-workers backing. Never did here if they talked to her or not. It is still going on! :angryfire
  12. by   Mandylpn
    Love the post about being out partying all night, that is a really good excuse! but how about if you tell them you have had zero sleep and you do not feel alert enough to work or function safely? :hatparty:
  13. by   Blackcat99
    That's great that you wrote up that "staffing person." I think the next time I am harrassed and stalked by these persons all day I will do it too. :hatparty: