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I miss being able to go in, do my job, and go home to my family. I'm tired of all the responsibility and all the problems of being a nurse. Anyone else feel like this or am I just having... Read More

  1. by   banditrn
    I was never a CNA, but I spent many years in the hospital working without one, mostly in the ICU. I really miss the patient contact now that I work LTC.

    Some nights when I'm buried in paperwork behind the desk, I wish I could just chuck it all and go around with the girls.
  2. by   Janice R.N.
    oh my is not about being distinguished as a LPN (CNA) or R.N. It is about nursing period. I beccame a nurse to care for the ill..not put up with the crap that management and the "committees" come up with. Policy for this, policy for that, your coffee break exceeded the time limit, wipe up the vomit before housekeeping cleans the floor, clean the shelves in the storage room, and many many more. Nursing does not give me any pleasure anymore...except for the one time when Mr. X held my hand and said "thank-you." That is what nursing should be know what I said? I said "you're welcome." And for that one moment, I felt good......But then a new policy/memo came out!!!
  3. by   Cat Nurse
    Yes! I was a CNA for awhile, then started school to be a LPN, finished that did correspondence for my ASN, and just finished my BSN. I am the charge nurse for a very busy orthopedic-med/surg unit. I love all aspects of the job. But, I love helping the pts. The CNS's are called PNT's at my hospital This stands for Patient Needs Tech. To me they are the most important member of the Care Team. When I have a lot of stress, I go find a PNT and offer to do something for them, this helps me de-stress. And it gives them a short break.:angel2:
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    What I hate the most about being a nurse is that each action that I have to take, each chart that I have to write in has me thinking on how to cover my A$$. As an aide, I didn't have to worry about that. I can't be as assertive as I was before to an administrator or higher level nurse that is an idiot; and what I have noticed (from my perspective as an LPN) is that the implementation portion of the nursing process is usually performed by a person other than the actual nurse that created the care plan. For example, if an RN makes a care plan, she is counting on me to medicate the client, the CNA to wash and position them, and ancillary staff to keep up the environment. Each person may be a power keg waiting to explode and then, who is actually taking responsibility? The poor charge nurse who is usually not present when the misdeed is done. As an aide, I didn't have to worry about that, but as a nurse, even as a practical nurse, I have to worry. I feel the stress of the RN, and try to be as efficient as I can be so that at least, she can trust that I tried to do my personal best. But, there are so many other factors that get fused in with efficient patient care that one can't possibly be everywhere to ensure that everything is done. Like Janice R.N., I am tired about the bull that administration places in the mix that removes us from patient care. All of the paperwork is done to please Joint Commission, and the rest of those stupid regulatory agencies.
  5. by   cicada
    Looks like I'm not alone who misses CNA job. I hate so many parts of my job as a RN--endless charting, not having time to sit at the pt's bed and talk/hold his hand, dealing with administration staff who go by numbers, charts etc. Nursing in the States is not what I expected. Was pleasantly surprised when Australia's hospitals offered RN jobs that include total pt's care (looks like majority of units there do not have CNA's/PCTs). Still thinking about relocating there and doing "real nursing". The good thing is that the nursing field offers numerous opportunities that would be not available in other fields.
  6. by   teeituptom
    Move to Texas or Fla, little or no snow
  7. by   cicada
    Florida, and Texas-a good idea. I like Arizona very much. But I will not find different nursing there....
  8. by   Bridget O'Malley
    If only we knew then what we know now.

    A few nurses and I were just wishing we could be CNAs for a couple of weeks or so. We could still the very important nursing jobs like skin care (no sarcasm intended) and have comparably little responsibility. I don't think anyone can appreciate the enormous responsibility of an RN or LPN until he or she works under that license for a while.

    Angie, if your posts are any indication of the person you really are, then please give yourself a pat on the back for being such a compassionate, open person. More and more I find myself doing things in which I am taken care of in some way--either waited on at a nice restaurant, surroundered myself to a good massage, or became a spellbound voyeur of a wonderful escapist film. Put yourself first for a change.