Someone please help? I am burning daylight.

  1. I would like to know if someone could give me some adivce. I am 40 now and am having a "what am I doing with my life crisis." K here goes. I took 2.5 years of grooling LPN classes and graduated in July of 98. While I was trying to save the money for my boards I found a great job working with mentally handicapped adults with mental illness. I started in a group home and am now a case manager for the semi-independent living adults with special needs. This is rewarding work and I still use many of my nursing skills. Everything I have done up to this point has been for my son who has Prader Willie Syndrome. He now resides in a training center about 2.5 hours away from home. My problem is.....I finally saved the money and took my boards in Dec of 2000. Unfortunately I did not pass but was right on the boarder line. Just one more question I thought and I would of made it! Wishfull thinking. I needed another 120.00 to retake them but failed to come up with the money in the 90 day time frame. Now, I have the money but am scared to death that I will fail again. The fear just eats me up inside.
    I would like to go on to RN but am wondering if being 40 now is pushing my career limitations. And to make things even more complicated my company is now looking for another nurse to serve our group homes, medicade waiver and semi-independent clients.
    I have an opportunity here but just don't know if I should get my LPN license and go on for RN. I am scared as it's been so long since I have been in school. And is my age against me. Please help me to think through this what seems like a major life changing decision. Sincerely, marien
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Do NOT let your age interfere with what you want to do!! And 40 is young! My aunt graduated nursing school at 58. My mother went for a new career and got ordained at 67. Age is going to happen to you anyway! Why not get there WITH something?!

    It sounds like your scraping up money to be able to take the test so I'm assuming you cannot, at this time, afford to take a review course before taking the test again? Do you have a review book or anything you can pore over to help prepare yourself for your second attempt? You need something not only to reinforce your knowledge but also to boost your self-confidence. Maybe the school you attended has something it can offer--a tutor, a book...something.

    Many hospitals are sponsoring refresher courses and other options for people who want to get into nursing. Call a nurse recruiter at a hospital in your area and ask her for the programs that may be available. These days, many individuals go to nursing school and barely pay a dime for it. Hospitals are offering scholarships, tuition forgiveness and tuition reimbursement. Check it out.
  4. by   marien
    Thanks for the support. I do have some study books here at home and a couple of practice tests left on cd. I will have to muster up the will power to study, study, and study till I drop. Then there is the ultimate fear of going to take the test. I think I can do it if I devote all waking hours to study. My children are pretty much on their own now so there should be no reason why I can't persue my career. Your right 40 isn't the end of the world for me. thanks.
  5. by   momrn50
    GO FOR IT !!! I went for my Rn at 42.Hardest thing I"ve ever done, but so very rewarding. Did it while raising 3 small children. Really gives you a sense of great accomplishment...good luck to you..I'm sure you'll make it!!
  6. by   zumalong
    marien--40 is nothing!! Don't give up on your goal. Why don't you contact the nursing school you attended and see if they have any review classes you can take. Also go to the library and take out books on test taking skills. I have been teaching LPN's for 7 years and realize that the boards are not the best indicator for a good nurse. But there is a certain knack for taking the test.

    Stay focused and take as many practice tests as you can get your hands on. Good luck
  7. by   azgirl
    My husbands career went away when he was 50. He immediately returned to college and got his RN at age 54. He is now a successful specialty nurse and making a good living. We can all learn from that that it is never too late.
  8. by   NurseDennie
    Marien -

    I can understand about the fear, and I can understand that you're worried about your age. But what is an age, when it really comes down to it? The only difference between the younger set and US is that they are a bit stronger than we are (for now). So do what your heart tells you to do and just be Super SUPER careful!

    It sounds like you've got a path set out where you can be very happy and fulfilled without (perhaps I'm incorrect in my assumptions here) putting your physical health in jeopardy. So you have to put your courage and your ... I don't know, GUTS, I guess to the test.

    I am one of those old ladies that has been hurt on hospital duty and that's something that I'm very very concerned about. But if you can protect yourself AND do that job that you want to do... I say go for it.

    And being scared of the test.... We ALL Were/Are/Havebeen/Willbe!!! In TN when you get the results letter, it shows the picture they took of you when you entered the test facility.... My classmates and I shared those pictures around, and I swear, we could have all been photographed on our way to the wars! It's a scary thing - but you said you were close... Go get closer!!!

    Good luck!


  9. by   NurseDennie
    Zee-RN -
    I Love your quote!


  10. by   donmurray
    Go for it! "Here's lookin' at you KID!
  11. by   Mkue
    Keep a Positive Attitude !!! Tell yourself you can do it !

    I hated chemistry and finally just told myself.. dang, I can do this.

    GO FOR IT !!

  12. by   Marijke
    Sounds to me you have enough guts to make it. I am sure you will nail the exam the next time, last time was just a practice session for the real thing and you now know what to expect.
    Good luck, we are all keeping our fingers crossed.
  13. by   RNKitty
    Never let age or money stand in the way of what you want. "Do what you love, the money will come". There are many agencies, hospitals, and even state programs to pay for nursing education. And if you are considering RN - go for it! It opens doors.
  14. by   arizona girl
    hello marien, my name is cheri and i wanted to say hello to you. first of all i just now discovered this website this evening. i hope things are working out for you, because i know it was 2002 when you sent in that e-mail about you & schooling, your never to old, you do what your heart wants to do & go for it!. i have a question for you and it is important, i have a sister with prader, and i understand you have a child with prader as well, and you live in knox, indiana, well incredibley enough i live in portage , indiana, i was so suprised about this. i can only hope that you get this from me, well my question is you stated that you have your child in a group home for prader?? the closest i thought was in pittsburg, pa. please let me know if you could help just curious. thank you, and would love... to speak with you soon, i have much to say and would love to hear about your child that also has prader. god bless, cheri in indiana