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Some parents absoulutely amaze me. Not really, just how stupid and petty and vindictive can they be. Case in point. Parents of a 3 yo child. Bring that cute little child in for swallowing a... Read More

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    Quote from nurz2be
    I have seen some nearly intolerable things, why do they seem to always happen at Wal-Mart. One thing that happened a few weeks ago that I actually went to the mother and removed the kid and called the cops, which I normally wouldn't do but this is what happened....

    I was in the Christmas aisle looking around with my hubby. I noticed a cart go by, I had to scoot my cart over, with a little, maybe 2 at the most, curly haired little girl. She was being allowed to stand in the front of the cart ( I won't even get into this). Mom turned to look at the aisle behind her and I was about 5-6 feet from the little girl when in slow motion the little tyke reaches for a stocking on the shelf and falls out (head first) onto the floor. I jumped and went to her and by the time I was there her mom in a LOUD voice started screaming, "Why the hell did you do that" while shaking the little girl who had just hit head first onto the concrete floor. I pulled out my cell and told my hubby to call the cops and I pulled the little girl from the mom (Probably not the wisest but I am a mom and the only thing I could think to do was hold the little girl and make sure she wasn't bleeding). The mother was screaming at me and the little girl for being a Dumb Sh** and falling out. I just sat their rocking the little girl til security came, paramedics and cops. I was so angry I was shaking all over and crying myself because I was so furious with this person (used very loosely). I don't know what ended up happening but I hope they arrested her arse.
    in this instanc you did the right thing - proud of you
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    Quote from rph3664
    And then they encourage their kids to act up in school, or act like they are retarded, so they can get SSI for them.


    People like this are why SSI has a bad reputation.
    i am sure there are people who try do this- and i know of teachers who dont want to deal with a kid who may need extra attention push parents to get kids on meds to "calm them down" - this is a big thing happening that i have seen a lot - labeling kids with adhd and expecting them to be doped up sp they dont have to deal with it.

    - however - it is NOT easy to get a kid on SSI just because they act up at school. there is a whole lot of Dr's and psychologists and social workers involved to be sure the kids are actually with medically induced emotional disorders / difficulties - not just parental disinvolvement/ poor parenting etc. . not to mention one must have this behavior for at LEAST a whole yr and the doc visits and parenting classes and behavior modification programs tried and other interventions like diet changes and stuff. they must also have this stuff happening in other areas as well not just home and school ( so it is harder when say a stay at home mom where they dont go to daycare or other areas to be evaluated.) all that for one yr and all such visits need to be documented very well. unless they have a whole lot of friends like docs, psychologists and counselors that will lie - it is unlikely they would get ssi if thier child is NOT in real need of the help. this is all before getting even close to applying for ssi. one reason being kids can act and lie for a while but most will get caught in that yr if they are older and if the y try and all if they are young will get busted lying. also most people get turned down at least once and ssi WILL get thier docs to assess and see what needs are there if any. they also check every yr that followup and further working with the child in the best attempt they can to help them change and get off the ssi. if a parent is not doing anything ( doctors, psychologists, etc) to help that child they will take them off the ssi in a heartbeat. just my opinion from what i have experienced myself- cant speak for others- sorry if anyone is offended. but i felt this post made ssi look like idiots by allowing parents to do this and this is not what i have seen. ssi isn't the one with the bad reputation- its the parents who try to do this. and they are only gonna embarrass themselves when they get turned down over and over because they have no proof and will not keep up with consistent utilization of help like parenting resources and psychologists etc. many blessings all.
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    Quote from cotjockey
    I once had a mother bring her three kids to the ER to have their mosquito bites counted and measured. Mom and dad are divorced and dad took them camping...they got a few mosquito bites. They also got a few bruises and scratches, so we measured those too. Yes, dad should have made sure they were using mosquito repellent, but bringing them to the ER was pretty over the top.
    Sounds like something my ex-dil might pull. She's a real winner, let me tell you, and will dump the kids anywhere, so she can go party - and she's a long string of guys living with her since the divorce but that's OK, because it's HER doing it.

    One time when my son had his kids, he and a female friend took the kids to McDonalds. The girl was holding a french fry for the youngest, who had a few teeth and was 'gumming' it. He loved it.

    WELL! A couple of days later I got a call from the ex-dil's mother - they were all in a twit because this girl had let the baby suck on a french fry!! I asked her what the PROBLEM was - and the mother tells me that the salt on that fry might give the baby respiratory problems.
    Well, I'd observed the ex-dil allowing the baby to suck on cheese puffs, what's the difference?
    I told the ex-dil's mom that the salt might raise the baby's BP, but salt alone isn't going to give him asthma - and to stop calling ME with this stuff. Things like this go on every time my son starts to see someone.

    She just called me the other day to tell me HER income tax return was being held up, and she's sure it must be something my son had done. What the??! I asked her why on earth she would call me about something like that - call your tax preparer.

    Whenever my son wants to vent to me about what an absolute IDIOT this gal is - I like to remind him that HE married her, much against our advice!!
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    I have a friend who constantly tells me that she thinks that not everyone is ready for parenthood, and when we identify them, we should immediately spay and neuter them.

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    I kind of wonder to myself when parents are congratulated on a pregnancy or birth. I myself would prefer to offer congrats later in the child's life, since ongoing parenting is the real challenge and achievement.
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    Quote from gonzo1
    Once had a mother who wanted her 3 year old to have an IV so she wouldn't feel hungry anymore. No matter how I tried to tell mother that wouldn't fix the hungry thing, she just couldn't get it. Stormed out of the ER yelling and screaming.
    Too bad you didn't have a list of local food pantries, churches, and other organizations that might have been able to help, or have access to a social worker referral.
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    Quote from nurz2be
    Maybe when they get the 5000 dollar endo fee X 2 they will then decide that at some point to STOP being so irresponsible. Money makes people have some semblance of a reality check, since the child swallowing the quarter the FIRST time didn't seem to do the trick...
    That's the problem. Chances are (highly) is that Medicaid will get the bill. No worries
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    - my daughter got to the point of carving and has permanent scars that will never ever go away because they let it get so bad before notifying anyone.
    "They" let it go? No one but schoolteachers had any responsibility to supervise her, and check on her wellbeing. Poor kid.
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    Quote from cc_nurse
    :I also love the folks who bring the 7 yr old to an "R" rated movie...what could they possibly be thinking...*sigh*
    A few years ago, I was in line to buy tickets to the 9:30 pm showing of Superbad. It's a teen sex comedy, rated R, and clearly not meant for kids. I noticed a woman in line with a stroller and a 3-year-old. I hoped they weren't going to see Superbad, but they were. The kids were loud, and Mom showed no interest in keeping them quiet. I left and found an usher, who found a manager. Ten minutes later, the manager came in and talked to the woman. She loaded up her stroller and left.

    My local paper had an interview with a theatre manager who had to deal with a woman who refused to take her screaming child out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. He finally siad "Fine. I'm giving a refund to everyone in this theatre, except you."