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I have been talking with some fellow nurisng staff tonight and we have that someone withing nursing is screwing us over. we thnk its likley political. here are the roots of our conversation. ... Read More

  1. by   Zee_RN
    You're saying that BEFORE world war II nurses required a 4-year degree?! Somehow that doesn't ring true. Of course, I haven't investigated it yet so I don't know. But, hmmm, doesn't sound right.

    Our hospital system also recruited nurses from the Phillipines. 81, I believe. It doesn't look like we're gonna end up with ANY of them. It's not that easy.
  2. by   NurseAngie
    I believe that the majority of nurses before WW2 were trained in hospitals and received a diploma. The 2 year RN was meant to supply the damand for nurses. LPN's also prospered at this time.

  3. by   alansmith52
    Molly I don't think it is a cospiriacy either I think its well intended. I do think that someone is in bed with hospital and medical associtions.
    I will now find a link to an online internet program that claims to be fast and easy with minimal clinical time that is accrdetited.

    why would we want to ease the shortage anyway?

    I by the way am an ADN graduate who went on to a RN to BSN program.
    I got a good eductation but in hind site .. BSN entry would be for the good of the profession. we would at least have a leg to stand on when it comes to wages.

    what I am saying is that it is a slippery sloop. the ADN came from world war 2 and cracker jack box diplomas will come from this shortage. and guess what? these kind of changes stick. we still havn't got back to 4 year programs like we should have.
    and if we settle. "they" will have the leg to stand on when it comes to knocking our wages down.


    P.S. I don't feel like Iam paraniod. the fact is, it is becoming easier to get a liscense. its on bill boards and internet popups all over the place. Are we professinals. can you imagine earing your law degree off the internet.
  4. by   I1tobern
    Hate to break it to you. You can get a law degree online. But, that is a whole nother animal.

    j lowe
  5. by   lever5
    You don't get much clinical in nursing school anyway. And they still have to pass the boards. Just a thought.
  6. by   sjoe
    lever5--I got a LOT of clinical in my nursing school (a fast-track BSN), and figured everyone did.
  7. by   Dayray
    Umm the 2-year program was actually the first nursing degree offered in many states. before that all you could get was a "deploma in nursing" and before that they pulled postitutes off the street to take care of the sick, thats when Florance came in and cleaned it up. I would have thought your BSN program would have included a course in nursing history.

    I do think there is some substance to what you are saying though. Much of the political influance in nursing belongs to administraiters and educators. Educators want to make us all be MSN's in order to get an RN license and administraiters want to let CNA's pass meds and do assessments.

    I do think that nursing education should be made more accessable but don't think we should have to sacrafice standards to make it more accessable and I don't like some of the changes I've heard of lately.
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  8. by   joannep
    Originally posted by Dayray
    ... and before that they pulled postitutes off the street to take care of the sick, thats when Florance came in and cleaned it up.
    LOL, you couldn't get the prostitutes to come and work as a nurse now, they probably earn more than most nurses, and I'm not sure about working conditions.