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I was wondering if any of you think that teachers should be certified in CPR. A little girl in a neighboring town died last month while at school. My friend, who is a paramedic, said that chances... Read More

  1. by   webbiedebbie
    I agree with Katscan. Everyone should be certified, including the secretyaries. In this day and age, AEDs are placed in workplaces, but what good will they be if you don't know the fundamentals of CPR or BLS? These people are resonsible for our KIDS! Yes, I think this should be mandated and an annual practice. You can't wait for one person to run across the school yard to get to the child who is down!
  2. by   disher
    CPR advocates have been promoting the importance of learning CPR to the public for more than 30years. We can say people should learn CPR all we want, but the reality is most people do not know CPR.
    The majority of sudden deaths are going to occur in the home not at school. To reach the greatest number of sudden death victims you need a service that can be used in the home, school, and the workplace. The American Heart Association recommends you advocate for enhanced 911 services.
    In enhanced 911 a computer automatically confirms the caller's address. Also 911 dispatchers are trained to offer prearrival instructions to rescuers. This means that they can give instructions for immediate care based on the clinical criteria of the emergency.