Should Seasonal Flu Shots Be Mandatory? - page 3

The Infectious Disease Society says that for HCW, influenza vacccinations should be mandatory. Only 40% of HCW, are getting vaccinated. Priority access to vaccines and antivirals? This is... Read More

  1. by   GadgetRN71
    I'm a huge proponent of flu shots, and vaccination in general, but I still believe flu shots should be a personal choice. I think we can educate people until the end of days that flu shots don't cause the flu, but some people still don't want the shot. As much as I may think they're being silly, they still have the right to determine what goes into their body.And of course, there are those rare few who have reactions or are allergic to eggs.

    As for me, I get my shot every year. I had an asthma exacerbation one year due to the flu that almost killed me..Since then, I make sure I get my shot.
  2. by   Scrubby
    Hmmmm well I'm happy enough for mandatory vaccination of all nurses staff IF all the patients are vaccinated as well
  3. by   EJSRN
    children are forced to become vaccinated before entering school, and some of the patients with such poor immune systems could die because HCW didnt get the flu vaccination. Just a thought. . .