Should I tell my manager I applied internally?

  1. Hello! I have been a new nurse on telemetry for only 6 months. I finished The new grad residency program a month ago. I am now independent. My manager has been extremely supportive since I had difficulty with time management and prioritization before transitioning to be without my preceptor. I was also hired for nights initially, but she knew I wanted days, so she told me about a day shift position when it opened online, and she hired me for full time days, which was such a blessing. I'm also on Probation with the CA BRN for some criminal convictions that happened over 12 years ago (Long before I went to nursing school). My manager has really supported me through the probation program and given me this chance to build an excellent foundation for my career.

    Yesterday, I was looking at per diem jobs to consider working in addition, and I saw a job for labor and delivery, full time days (RN II). Note, I literally just became RN II this week, so I barely qualify. Plus that's a specialty and I ahave hardly gotten comfortable on tele. tele is hard, I don't know if I want to do it forever. Anyway, I applied for the L & D position even though my gut says to stay on tele for 1-2 years before moving on. I also feel like my manger would be upset since she's invested so much time to support and educate me in order to be an asset to the tele floor. What's your opinion? Withdrawal my application for now and stay where I'm at? Or just kindly mention to her that I applied for my dream job just because I saw it posted? I recently applied to get off probation early so I'm hoping my license won't have restrictions soon as well. Thanks for your advice!
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  3. by   Emergent
    I think you should show loyalty to your current, excellent manager and stay.
  4. by   Ms_Interpret
    That's a tough situation...

    I probably would have mentioned something before applying - because seeing as how it's an internal position within the same facility (I'm assuming), your current manager and your potential future manager likely already have a professional relationship and I'm betting they are going to chat about you if given the opportunity.

    I would be prepared for her to feel a little bit betrayed and maybe lose some confidence in you. Now, I'm not saying that what you did is necessarily wrong. Just pointing out where the chips might fall.

    I would advise to try and talk with her as soon as you can and take the opportunity to just pick her brain about it. Don't go in on the defensive. Just say, "Hey, I'm really interested in L&D. I applied for an internal position. Do you think I'm ready for a position like that from what you've seen of me? If not, what are some things I can do to prepare?" That way she doesn't feel like you left her in the dark completely and you can show her that you value her opinion.

    And then just hope that she didn't take it too personally.

    Good Luck
  5. by   Cieritaqt
    Thanks! My gut says to do the same.
  6. by   Cieritaqt
    Thank you for taking the time to write his. I agree. Although I've been keeping my eye out for full time L & D day shift in my county, and never see postings. I feel hat the right thing to do, would be to wait. I have an excellent relationship with my manger, I'd rather talk to her about it first, and stay on my floor for a while to grow as a nurse.
  7. by   ICUman
    I recommend staying where you currently are. You manager sounds fantastic. Gain some more experience, then apply later on. Remember...the same manager who has invested so much in you, will also be the one providing your reference check.
  8. by   jetsy62
    Your manager has invested immensely in you when others may not have been so kind. I would stay put and hope that the appearance of your lack of appreciation does not come back to bite you in the backside.
  9. by   Cieritaqt
    Yes, my conscience has been telling me the same. I am truely grateful for her, and for everyone who has been educating me along the way. I withdrew my L & D application last night. I plan to stay, It will help me build a stronger foundation, and be an asset to my TEAM so I can give back what was given to me.
  10. by   cleback
    Good choice.

    Honestly, my first thought when I read the OP was "oh no she didnt!". Your manager has been exceptionally kind. Show some of that back by proving you were a good investment.
  11. by   RNNPICU
    Glad you withdrew the application. There will be more openings in the future. Take some time to get involved in the hospital. It may be that once you start meeting others you will find other dream positions. Also, if you start noting that there are always opennings in L&D that it could be a bad sign that the unit is not a good one.

    You demoonstrated great integrity and hopefully will have much success on your unit.
  12. by   not.done.yet
    I am glad you have decided to stay. What you have found in your manager is extremely rare. You will likely never find it again.
  13. by   Yudita
    In some places, your supervisor is notified as soon as you apply. If the position is convenient for you, of course you can apply, it depends of what you want: a career or a job. If you are building a career: long-term employments and long-term good relationships with your manager and colleagues are sometimes more important than getting more money or other benefits. Remember in healthcare you need to feel that you trust your colleagues, team work is important, but that is only my advice.
    hope helps.
  14. by   amzyRN
    I think you should stay on for 2 years. Your department is going to take a loss if you leave. If my boss did all that I would stay on, but when I first started they asked us that in the beginning if we could stay at least 1.5 years. I just peaked up and saw you decided to stay. I think you made the right choice. There is so much more to a job than it being the "right" specialty. Who knows maybe you'd hate L and D or the manager might be terrible or the work environment might suck. I think something better will open up when it's time.