Should I take Anatomy and Microbiology together?

  1. Or should I take Physiology before Micro? My school doesn't have an order that they are required to be taken in. What do you think?
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  3. by   Illinurse2010
    thats becasue they are pretty well unrelated. I took both together and got A's but it was alot of studying and reading. If you don't work much and take no other classes and are a great student its doable.
  4. by   Jules A
    Depending on your school's admission process I'd consider it. We really needed as close to a 4.0 as possible in pre-reqs just to get in the nursing program. I took them separately, got As, but was also working full time. Don't know if I would have risked doing them together unless it was the difference in being able to apply for the next entrance deadline. FWIW they didn't have much to do with each other, imvho. Good luck.
  5. by   NC Girl BSN
    I took Anatomy and Physiology II and Chemistry together and did fine. It was hard but I came out on top. I got an "A" in AP II and a"C"in Chemisty. I was super close to a "B" but I needed a 82 on the final and got a 78. It definelty can be done with some committment.
  6. by   sonja77
    i think it really depends what else you have going on in your life. both course are pretty time consuming and you will spend a lot of time studying.

    i took a&p i, micro and nutrition during my first semester and it was doable, i got as in all three courses. but then i did not work; i don't think i could have done that while working.

    as far as the course material, you will have very little similar/same subjects, so i really does not matter if you take them together or one before the other.
  7. by   LovingNurse
    If you're going to pick two classes to take together, I'd take anatomy and physiology. It makes sense to study form and function together. Micro can be taken without either an make sense.
  8. by   Screen name
    I'm taking APII and Micro together... not as bad as I had though.. but Micro definately gets put on the backburner a lot for AP... I just like it more, so I study it more. I'm also taking 18 hours all together because I start nursing classes this summer... so I'm sure my grades aren't going to be what they normally are... but all the College of Nursing needs is to see that I passed

    You can do it if you really want/need to. That's what it boils down to.
  9. by   muffin7
    If they are your last classes you need to take before applying to RN school and you think you would be able to carry the load then do it. Otherwise spread them out with other preqs, e.g. English or Socio because you really need to get A's in your sciences.
  10. by   CABG patch kid
    I agree with what a few others said here; if you haven't been accepted to a nursing program yet, and one of your possible programs picks students based on GPA, I would strive to get A's in all prereqs. For me, it meant the difference between getting into a program right away (based on my 3.8 GPA) or waiting another semester for another lottery draw (most people at the lottery program waited an average 2 years before getting in). I was finished with my BSN faster than I would have been waiting to get in the ADN program, go figure!
  11. by   luvinRN
    I would say take anatomy and physiology if you absolutely want to take 2 of your sciences or else I would say do them one at a time. I do know friends who did well while taking them both but it was lots of work..and I recommend taking micro after physio though, for sure!
  12. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    I loved the sciences, they were not a problem. Yes they challenged me but I loved that. Taking them at the same time no problem. Now taking the other stuff, history and english and language. Even one at a time bored me almost to tears. Just a metter of tolerating and doing the time. But I sure did love my sciences.
  13. by   CareerChanger2009
    Is it wise to take chemistry, anatomy + physiology(one class), and microbiology at the same time? I am unemployed, but striving to get A's in my prereqs. Afterward, I only have anatomy 2 as prereq. I figure it might help my nursing application at truman college/daley college in chicago. Application deadline is Feb 1st.
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  14. by   EK, RN
    Well I am finishing anatomy and physiology lecture and lab as well as microbioogy lecture and lab. Let me tell you it was tough but I made it through. Would I ever do this again, um no. If you have to take these courses in the same semester just be prepared to study study study and study. I feel like I can breathe now that this semester is over!!! Good luck to you