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  1. $1.5 million jury verdict against Geisinger for woman dismissed from nurse anesthesia program - Times Leader -
  2. Working as a CRNA in a big city?

    And focus on becoming a competent ICU nurse, then worry about the next step. It's great to have a goal, but there is a chance you'll end up being in the ICU for 2, 5, or 10 years.
  3. Rush vs TCU

    Which one has better clinical experience? This is a question you should ask the school directly.
  4. Value of acceptance to a nondoctorate crna program

    CRNAs need to get out of the OR. The best combo would be to get a doctorate and MBA. Then run that **** and call the shots. Take that desk spot away from the MDA as well as the stool in the OR.
  5. Becoming a stronger candidate

    Nice anesthesiologists? Just wait until you're a CRNA....
  6. Steps to become a CRNA?

    Ah, ok. I was confused. Haha, sorry.
  7. Steps to become a CRNA?

    I am in anesthesia.... I am aware...
  8. Steps to become a CRNA?

    Lol, I can't argue over something neither of us have much experience with: being a pharmacist. Anesthesia is stressful. Life is stressful.
  9. Steps to become a CRNA?

    I believe it is all relative. It may be a different type of stress, but stressful all the same. CEO's, CRNA's, PharmD's, Accountants and Realtors all have perceived work stresses, but to say one is less than other just because it is in a different...
  10. Steps to become a CRNA?

    My sister is a PharmD. Her pay continues to rise as CRNAs are stagnant or declining (in many areas). Her vacation time and benefits are better throughout her job changes (chain store to private to compounding). The job opportunities for each are eq...
  11. Part-time opportunities for CRNA's?

    If the top is 160, why is there a new grad job in Kansas posted for 170? Don't be one of those that sells yourself short. Taking these low paying jobs don't help anything. You do realize you do the same job as an anesthesiologist, but get paid 250,00...
  12. Part-time opportunities for CRNA's?

    Salaries and jobs have been declining for a few years now. Benefits are decreasing. Two new grads just took full time jobs in hospitals at 100,000. Might as well keep your ICU job and work 3 days a week with no call for 60,000; wife works NICU with a...
  13. TCU CRNA program for January 2015

    They also want to know you can be beneficial to the field of anesthesia, what you can bring to the table, how you will defend it, advance it and honor it as well as what you have done now that can help you reach all of those different things.
  14. Recommendation Letter after only 1 year?

    Something to think about: Asking for letters puts you on the radar and they know what you're up to. If you don't get in, you could be treated differently by manager and other references. I just saw this happen and think it's overlooked sometimes. I d...
  15. Am I screwed?

    You have a lot of proving yourself to do. I would probably go the extra mile... take graduate classes, or even complete a graduate program (we have a couple NP > SRNA's in my class) to show you can handle graduate level work. Accel in the ICU and ...