1. Hey, i applied for a nicu position at a well known hospital. Finally 6 months later received an interview. I believe it went very well. Hr told me my pay and all. Nurse manager gave me a tour of the unit and had me meet potential co workers and doctors. Even spoke to me about orientation. Its been over a week and havent heard back from the hospital. Sent thank you emails as well. I guess im just feeling defeated because ive been applying for a rn position for over 6 months and nothing has happened. Just want to finally be working and put my license to use. Should i follow up with hr again after i called once, i hate to be a pest!
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  3. by   twinmommy+2
    I always tell people to call back and see how things are going.
  4. by   MOMNURSE,RN
    I called this morning and another said the recruiter for hr will call me back and he never did.

    my aunt also works on the unit and when i left the interview called me saying the mangers loved me, but still no response back from hr
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  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I would give it time, I know the waiting can be very frustrating, but you don't want to come of as inpatient or needy. If you have the nurse recruiter's , or more importantly the nurse managers email send her an email saying thank you again and you were just wondering if she had made a hiring decision, but I would give it at least another week before doing so.

    Good luck!

  6. by   MOMNURSE,RN
    Thank you for your input. Im going to wait it out hope for the best. Another week sounds good than Ill call again and see where the process is at.
  7. by   HelloWish
    It took 2.5 weeks before I got the job offer I wanted after an interview. Some hospitals are very slow. I emailed twice letting the manager know my interest so I wasn't forgotten. I think I was the first interviewee. I did call HR once to inquire if the position was filled after 2 weeks.
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  8. by   MOMNURSE,RN
    UPDATE! I got the job!! So excited to finally be starting in the unit and hospital I have always wanted to work in.
  9. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Quote from MOMNURSE,RN
    UPDATE! I got the job!! So excited to finally be starting in the unit and hospital I have always wanted to work in.
    Yay congrats!!! You will love the NICU i bet!! I just got hired at a Children's Hospital after trying for years, and I too am so nervous and excited. Had similar situation where it took forever (5 weeks from my first interview) to hear, after two interviews and a shadow experience, and then finally reference checks!!

    Good luck with the new job!

  10. by   MOMNURSE,RN
    Yeah I am super excited and a whole lot nervous, but I know this is the position I have always wanted. Cant wait to start! Good luck as well at your new hospital!

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    Thank you Cant wait to start!!!
  13. by   MOMNURSE,RN
    By any chance do you of you have a good website to use to help with pediatric dosages? I want to do some extra practice
  14. by   Leader25
    The neofax is the NICU bible for doses ,routes,mixes etc,follow your hospitals policy.This is not peds ,the dosages are different,meds are different.Some hospitals will give you a free download onto your cell phone or the unit based cell phones ,many use ipods for medications,scanning etc. Good luck.Pay attention in orientation,have a separate calculator other than your cell phone. Get a neonatal stethoscope from lippincott. Transilluminators are expensive but handy for iv inserts,WEE makes one ,amazon carries it.