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There's a story out today about alleged attack at Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center, in Southern California. One employee is under arrest for reportedly trying to rape a severely injured... Read More

  1. by   K O'Malley
    It's a wonder there aren't more sexual assaults now that so many hospitals insist on having open house 24/7.
  2. by   NMAguiar
    Ohhhh, good point K O'Malley.

    It used to be visiting hours were STRICTLY enforced. Now, it seems as though people come-and-go 24/7. It must create a security nightmare!
  3. by   2banurse
    Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE
    Does anyone recall (because I cant remember where it was) There was a female patient in an ICU from a MVA with head trauma that was in a coma she was in the hospital for over 5 mo. when she was transfered to a LTC facility and on a routine testing they found out she was pregnant. Ultrasound was done and it showed gestation of 3 mo. Her family decided to allow the completion of the gestation and all males that had cared for her during the entire hospital stay were tested for DNA, it turned out that a 3rd shift tech in the ICU was the father, he was then charged with rape and incarserated. I want to say I read it in one of my nursing journals. I do wish I could remember when and what journal.
    Sounds like a story that had on Law and Order.
  4. by   hapeewendy
    last year there was a porter who was going around pretending to be a "lactation consultant"...
    those stories are awful
    and I agree that visiting hours need to be enforced strictly...we seem to be open 24/7 also and it drives me crazy... ppl with nothing better to do then see whats up at the hospital at 3am
    if the patient is dying or in critical condition or other examples where family is needed then I Can see an exception to the rule , but none of this "I'm staying to keep her company" sheeit
    I wouldnt know if it was law and order I dont get that program.
    Im sure I read it in a nursing journal.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    Gotta feeling more nurses are assaulted on hospital property than we hear about too. Those dark parking garages and poorly lit parking lots.

    I remember 3 of my classmates dropped out of nursing school my first year...we all lived in the dorm attached to the hospital. Found out later they were raped...some psycho was hanging out in the stairwells. Took three of 'em getting raped to finally beef up security for us.
  7. by   Jennerizer are correct. And so are you 2banurse. It's a true story and Law & Order wrote an episode about it---since most of their stories come from real life event---they just usually change the details. And in that episode, they really changed the details by saying a doctor artificially inseminated her for some millionaire that wanted a child of his own. (love Law & Order!)

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) _ A woman who was raped while in a comalike state and gave birth a year ago today has died.
    The 30-year-old woman, known only as Kathy, died over the weekend at an undisclosed health care center in upstate New York, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press today, speaking on condition of anonymity. The cause of death was not disclosed.

    Kathy had been in a chronic vegetative state since a car wreck in December 1985.

    The boy she gave birth to, referred to in court as ``Baby Doe,'' marks his first birthday today. He was born with a congenital heart defect and underwent his second surgery on Feb. 27, the same day a state Supreme Court jury convicted John Horace of raping his mother.

    The attack occurred at a suburban nursing home where Horace was hired as a nurse's aide in August 1995. He was fired just five weeks later for another attack _ fondling a multiple sclerosis patient.

    And here is another story of a coma patient being raped & getting pregnant...

  8. by   sanakruz
    I knew of a male pt being raped by another male staff member(RN). I call it rape as this man was a dependant adult involuntarily held at a state psych facility.The nurse claimed it was consensual. SURE! He was transfered to another wing. Hey that sounds familiar...
    You know this was about 19 yrears ago, but i still remember that kid.
  9. by   sandgroper
    There was a case some years ago at one our rehab facilities where a young woman in a vegetative state was found to be pregnant. An orderly was implicated and dealt with. The baby was delivered healthy and well and is being raised by the grandparents. The mother has since died.
  10. by   sjoe
    MM writes: "I remember 3 of my classmates dropped out of nursing school my first year...we all lived in the dorm attached to the hospital. Found out later they were raped...some psycho was hanging out in the stairwells."

    Nice of your school to tell all of you right away so you would be more on your guard, avoid stairwells, travel in pairs, see to it that more security was provided, etc.