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I am a nursing student, who by the way will graduate in December, and am sick of being eaten alive every time my clinical group hits a new floor. I don't understand how so many hateful people have... Read More

  1. by   Diva Nurse Dani reply to your question is try to be different when you are in their shoes. I work as a CNA gile going through Nursing school and they can be as cruel to staff (and each other) as they can be to students. Don't get me wrong, there are some great nurses out there...but there are some who hate their jobs and anyone who trys to come into the field will feel the wrath. I had a season nurse tell me recently that when she was a new nurse grad, those who helped her were LPN's and CNA's. The RN's were rude and unhelpful to her. And this was many years ago....I guess there will always be a few out there that will not treat you kindly. As I said before, just make it a point to treat future nursing students kinder and with more compassion and it will help to balance out.
  2. by   barefootlady
    You got the works thrown at you and came through will flying colors. I would love to work with a new nurse who had your spirit . Good luck in the future but I know you will do well.
  3. by   Yankee in Texas
    Yes it is true!! I just graduated in May of this year. Looking back on my past clinicals, as I progressed each semester, the clinical settings got better each time.

    We look on as if, the more experience we gained the less we got ate!

    But, as a new graduate it's a whole new playing field. The seasoned nurse will eat their young because that new grad is making as much or more than they are just coming in green off of the streets! I've been chomped on several times since I started in June.

    But, there are some who will help you to nurture and grow and will protect you. I am thankful for my preceptors :kiss who have helped my prior to graduation and as a Graduate nurse.

    Signed "baby RN"
  4. by   Janet E Groll
    All I need in life I learned in kindergarten- just remember the golden rule (do unto others, ect...) I've found these particular type of folks not only in nursing. You can't change them you can only do what's right for you. And remember your experiences when you are "seasoned" and are precepting the students.
  5. by   FutureRNMichael
    What a great thread! Find myself saying that a lot.

    Anyway, it sounds like some of the students are just venting here. If I had to deal with some of these people they are dealing(Which I will), I might vent a little too.

    My advice though, toughen up and take some of the advice of these awesome RN's posting in this thread.

    I'm not an RN or even a CNA yet. I have made an observation and for those on the inside, please excuse me if this is way off.

    My observation is this... Seemingly, on average the Nurses with poor attitudes are the one's more likely to try to assert there bad attitudes and the like towards others. Sure there are the nice nurses who also assert themselves on issuses but those seem to be in the minority.

    When a unit has two or more of those types of RN's,CNA's or Tech's running around ... It sounds like it could really dive the morale down. I have dealt with some lazy Caregivers in LTC with bad attitudes and have found that it can be pretty sucky to work with those types.

    One of the reasons I was orignally excited about going into Nursing was the nice people I would be working with and im sure there will be lots but how can you take care of people,wear your heart on your sleeve like a lot of nurses and keep a bad attitude.

    I find the opportunity to care for others as a warming experience everytime I do something for them. I can't see how this does not effect all Nurses even more soo.
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