1. Hello and good day everyone. I was just curious about the capri style scrubs. Does anyone wear them to work, how do you like them?
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    I Haven't Seen Them But I Have Short Chubby Legs...pts Would Probably Start Throwing Things At Me
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    would not be advised where I work......don't want that stuff on my legs. no thank you.
  5. by   cindimc
    yeah, they look cute and all but I was concerned about functionality. I guess they may be better suited for working in a Dr.s office, not in a hospital setting.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    IF there is any chance of getting bodily fluids/wastes on me, I want to be "covered" I love that I wear hospital-issued scrubs. Take em off and leave those germies THERE where they belong. At the hospital.
  7. by   cindimc
    hey that reminds me, do any hospitals provide a place (dressing room) to shower and change at the end of a shift. If they don't, they should. I know I would make good use of it. I hate the thought of bringing germs into my vehicle and my home. Hmmm............does anyone know of any studies that have been done on the immune system of Nurses, Dr.s, hospital staff...............How do they keep from getting sick All the time?
  8. by   cnyrn
    Our newly rvised dress code allows capris, but I haven't seen anyone wear them yet. Plus what do you do about hosiery, we're required to wear white socks or hose. It seems like it would look dorky in anycolor capris xcept white.
  9. by   jemb
    Our facility permits them as long as they are 'worn in a professional manner'. Our dress code specifies 'no bare midriffs', and 'no bare legs. Stockings or socks must cover the legs.'

    If I wore a skirt or capris, people would probably point and laugh and then run screaming from the room. But for those who wear skirts, capris give at least as much coverage from the goopy stuff, and provide less exposure when you have to get into awkward positions in front of other people.
  10. by   sharann
    I would cover my entire body if I could without passing out from the heat. I don't think Capri's are professional looking attire, but I have never seen them in the hospital so I can't judge. I have seen some pretty AWFUL "uniforms" and the dirtiest sneakers worn by nurses--yuck