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  1. I work in a CCU. We are well staffed, good ratios, I like the people I work with but I have a problem with the schedule. I am not super picky (i feel like) about the schedule. I just want two things. I want my days to be in a row (none of this on a day off a day) ,because I work nights, and I would like one weekend off with a friday because if you work friday night then it ruins your saturday. I told this to the schedule person and it seemed like there was no problem. The schedule comes out and I work every friday and they are not grouped. I know this seems like a minor problem but it realll upsets me because I feel like I dont have a real weekend off and now my days are screwed up because I work one then am off then work the next day. Questions, comments, suggestions very much appreciated!
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  3. by   FireStarterRN
    I left my last job for various reasons, schedule being the biggest. I just couldn't reason with them. Sometimes it can cause irreconcilable differences.

    I'm much happier now.
  4. by   SteffersRN87
    I think this is a generalized, widespread issue in nursing! My advice... if you get any allowed requested for a schedule, then do so on a Friday. I typically work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on my weekend to work. Then I can be off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on my weekends off. We are required to do 2 Monday's and 2 Friday's a month.
  5. by   qt2168
    The only thing we are required to do is to work at least one weekend a schedule. I have requested to have a friday off with my weekend but it seems to fall on deaf ears.
  6. by   texastaz
    I had the same schedule at my last full-time job and was promised that I would be able to change as soon as a new position opened. So while I waited I also worked a lot of overtime, would come in to cover for thoose who did not show up on weekends. Sure I liked the extra money but mostly I wanted to prove myself as a loyal and dependable employee. I had requested a schedule change 8 months prior to my quiting and during that time period 8 others had been hired for the shift I wanted. My supervisors response was always the same - I am trying but no one wants to work the hours you do. Lesson learned - I should have had more back-bone from the start. I am sure they found a replacement after I quit.
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  7. by   solneeshka
    I've never done scheduling for nursing but I have run a somewhat complicated volunteer shift matrix for my church. Let me tell you, it's a lot more complicated than you might think! Everyone has preferences that they want considered, and times they can't work and times they have to work, and then you have to balance making sure you have the right mix of people on any given shift. I'm just saying that it may not be the case that they've just disregarded what you want, it may have gotten lost in the mix of all of the other considerations that have to be made. No matter how hard I tried to keep everything straight, every schedule would come out with corrections that needed to be made.

    So maybe just approach whoever is doing the scheduling and point out what really works best for you, ask why it wasn't accommodated (since it may have just been oversight), and if it can be fixed/changed. Maybe that can't happen for that particular schedule, but while the next one is being prepared, you could re-approach, remind that person of your requests, maybe even be involved in the process a little bit to help ensure your requests are met? I'm just brainstorming here.

    Either one of two things are happening: they are either disregarding your requests or they are unintentionally overlooking them. If they are disregarding, then that's a sign of a bigger problem in your workplace and you might need to look elsewhere. If it's unintentional, though, maybe they just need you to work with them to help optimize that chances of "success" (as you define it!). Also, keep in mind that probably no one wants to work Friday nights for the exact same reason you cite; maybe if you prioritize your requests, you can be assured of getting at least part of what you want.
  8. by   NicuGal
    I would first ask about it. As someone who did the schedule for 2 years, you wouldn't believe how many people want days lumped together, everyother day, no Weds, etc. It gets to where you can't tell what end is up. They may not be able to lump days together depending on others requests. We finally set a limit of 6 requests (for a 72 hour person) per 4 weeks....we couldn't please everyone and had to set a limit. I know that working around a family, etc is hard and working off shift is hard, but it is our job and we chose this profession knowing that a lot of crappiness comes with it. 90 people can't work the same schedule. But, like I said, ask first and then see if you can at least do that some of the time.
  9. by   qt2168
    I have talked to the person who does the schedule a few times and the same response I always get is that the units needs have to be met. The big problem I guess I am having is that the persons freinds are getting what they want but if your not in with them then you kinda get kicked to the side. I will discuss it with the person again and make sure its known what I prefer and ask why my requests were not accommodated (thanks for the idea solneeshka). I just hate confrontation and do want to help meet the unit needs but feel like it should be give and take.
  10. by   zamboni
    I'm in kinda the same boat as the OP. Working nights, and all I asked was that my shifts be together. I do think special consideration ought to be given to night-shifters in that we sleep the next day... can't very well do any running of errands or spend time with fam/friends at 3:00AM. I enjoy working nights, but lets face it...the rest of the world runs on a daytime schedule.

    So when my schedule got shaken up and all my days spread out, I sorta tried to be a good little trooper (although it was made very clear that I was not happy) for a few months. It's gotten a bit better. But here's my of our night staff is PRN. Says she will only work M,T,W. And lo, that's what she gets. Now, I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night....PRN staff get preferential scheduling over full time staff?

    Yeah, I'm looking at what else is out there...
  11. by   pagandeva2000
    My job wants to get rid of AWS (the 12 hour alternate work schedule) because they are getting too many call ins. I suspect it is for reasons like what initiated this thread. From what I saw, not many people actually work 12 hours, but at least 14-15 hours because of the documentation. This can be very tiresome.

    I believe that the 12 hours can work if they were more sensitive to the needs of the employees. I mean, to have to work into Saturday morning and possibly have to work again does, in fact, break up the weekend.
  12. by   qt2168
    Does anyone have any ideas how I can bring this up to my nurse manager without sounds like im being a whiner or attacking the person who does the schedule?
  13. by   nicurn001
    It does not appear to me that you would be whining if you ask that , if you are prepared to work one 3 shift weekend ie. F,S,S ,then you should be able to have the opposite 3 shift week end off . I also work nights and although for day shift only 2 shifts ie. Sat , Sun are weekends , for night shifters there is the problem that Fri , Sat and Sun all effect the week end .So if you are only prepared to work 2 shifts at a time then you will end up having to do either Fri or Sun night on your weekend off .
    You could also remind the scheduler that working seperate nights is a safety problem because if the nurse is on one night off one night then on again they are not going to be able to slep well and therefore the chanes of errors occurring increases .
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  14. by   qt2168
    I dont mind working friday sat sunday, heck I dont mind working thru.,frid,sat,sun,mond, I just want a stupid friday off. I just cant think of a way that wont sound like I think the person is doing a crappy job at the schedule.