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What is the scariest thing you have seen other nurses do? We have all seen some pretty ignorant, or uncaring things. Just curious. Someone should probably write a book.... Read More

  1. by   kyhospicenurse
    Seen many things over the years.........

    A few memorables......

    One nurse I worked with on nights, she would get out the narcs at the beginning of the shift that she may need during the night and carry them around with her in a med drawer from room to room. At the end of the shift she would sign out what she gave, put back what she didnt. As charge nurse, I told her this was unacceptable.......she didnt agree. Went to my boss, who thought what she was doing was being a prudent nurse anticipating the needs of her the end, after I left there.....this nurse was found to have a drug problem....DUH!!!!!!!!

    Another biggie was when a nurse was taking care of a patient on an insulin drip which was to be running at 10. She came to me saying the ladies BS was registering at 19 and patient not responding. When I went into the room the drip was running at 100/hr. SHe admitted to resetting the pump. SHe says she meant to increase the volume to 100 not the rate. Luckily it was caught early but was close one.

    I learned early in my career never to let a doc start an IV. The doc had gotten mad because no one could get the IV started so he decided to try. He was doing pretty good preparing to start it but then when he stuck the patient he was trying to screw the IV in. Needless to say, he didnt get it either!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   Regina66
    This one happened to me..
    In 2000 I had a hysterectomy (sp?) and had to be cut. Incision came open. 8ins long and as deep as the knuckle on my finger. I went to my doctor who finished opening my inscision with his finger while my mother was standing beside him. Fluid and blood ran out like almost fainted. Poured saline solution in it and stuffed it with gauze. Instructed my mother on how to care for me at home. Gave us saline and gauze...said to call his nurse if I had problems, he was in a golf tourn...After 1 week I went to the ER and said I couldn't stand this anymore I wanted some help...(Very painful). They put me in a room, pulled out the gauze covered me with a sheet and left me there for 2 hours. Nurse came in to clean it out and dropped her glove on the floor. She picked it up and put it on. Came toward me to clean my wound. I had a hissy fit!!! She left and sent the Doctor in. He asked me why I had not had this wound irriagated...admitted me for wound care...I stayed there for 3 more days before it started healing... thank God I didn't get an infection... :angryfire
  3. by   NecosMom
    I worked in level 1 trauma center for 4 years and one of the other staff members charted that she placed a pulmonary catheter with plueral centisis. what she really did: helped put in a chest tube
  4. by   freegirl
    I'm in my final semester of nursing school and my first scary introduction to nursing was when I saw a guy with extensive generalized edema. A call bell had gone off and my clinical instructor asked me to check the room. So, I go in and I see this guy, he is all covered up with blanket but his lower area is really bulging out. He tells me, he wants to pee, so, I put on my gloves, get the urinal, raise the blankets and promptly blacked out, seriously. I don't even wanna go as far as describing how big and massive that thing was. When I finally composed myself, the guy was staring at me like nothing had happened and my clinical instructor didn't know whether to laugh or frown at me as she went about how I wasn't ready for the world of nursing.
    In between then and now, well, I have seen a lot worse but that one incident sticks out
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  5. by   calliesue
    Did rounds with an MD and I had to tell him to wash his hands .
    He literally just stuck his hands under the water and rubbed them together twice and turned the water off with his bare hand.
    I told him you have got to wash your hands for real ! Even did teaching on how to wash your hands correctly.
    He told me. I think that washing hands is just for show.
    Can you say INFECTION CONTROL?
  6. by   aeauooo
    "The road of life is rocky, and you may stumble too. So while you point a finger, someone else is judging you." Bob Marley

    Take any nurse - any nurse - put her/his practice under the microscope and you will find mistakes.

    I can think of very few nurses whom I have followed and not found errors, sometimes serious errors. And yeah, I know that means that nurses follow me and find errors.

    The bottom line for me is always: What are you going to do about it?