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Hey I just saw on the news that a thousand people have been quarentined at a hospital in Toronto! Do you all know anything about this? I hope our Toronto members are alright. Is this virus... Read More

  1. by   passing thru
    When I entered nursing school, I recognized there would always be risks. But, no one explained my life would be on the line.
    I don't think it is unprofessional to advocate staying home. If it is an option you can afford, I'd do it.
    At least until the CDC knows something definative about this disease. At this time, they don't know much....are even certain or the viral origin.
    For Wendy, being immunosuppressed (and young), I'd probably take the time off for a few days.
    For myself, if the docs showed up, then I'd show up.
  2. by   oramar
    I don't think my advice was unprofessional. I told Wendy to talk to her endocrinologist about her condition and if endocronolgist would give a note to stay off the SARS unit Wendy should stay off it. Lupus, MS and several other autoimmune disease may well have a viral link and many people will experience a flair after an infection. Wendy not going to to the SARS unit is no different than a nurse with back surgery getting light duty. She posted she was scared because of her condition not because of her profession. Many, many times I have cared for persons who had infectious disease like AIDS and TB that were shunned by other medical professionals. Those medical professionals were the unprofessional ones. Instead of owning up to their distaste they treated the patients like lepers. I can't tell you how many times I went in to find a person in isolation dirty, soaked with sweat and several trays piled up in anteroom untouched. That is what made me furious. Nothing Wendy has said has made me angry. Wendy remains in some danger to some degree, she is right there in the front lines and she is a hero.
  3. by   sixes
    I just came back from our ER dept.
    It took 3 hours to be seen which is not unusal in it self.
    What really made me stop and think was that all doors are sealed except the front entrance. Everyone is being screened at the door and the hospital is closed to non essential viistors. This is in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.
    I also just phone Canadore College to comfirm my start date for my Surgical Nursing course that was to start June 1. No dates will be confirmed and the course will be delayed until SARS is under control.
    I'm glad this is being taken seriously and I hope my fellow Nurses are bing protected as best as possible.
    My thoughts and prays are with you
  4. by   Little One2
    Well, today I went to my agency for an orientation. I will be going into patient's homes to do various nursing tasks. Some may have been exposed to the SARS (just because they were in the hospital, or have been in contact with people who have been in hospital). I was given a couple of masks to take with me just in case I should to wear for my protection. The ministry is supposed to provide all the home care agencies with gowns, gloves, goggles, and masks.

    Each day, I'm required to call the patient and do a survey with them. Ask them questions like - have they been to a hospital, been exposed.

    The agency is also suppose to screen there employees. They were calling the staff daily to ask a few questions. But now they want the staff to do it weekly ( mark it daily on the page, then hand it in weekly).

    The government appears to be handling it very well. Taking the extra precautions. I just hope the public, and patients are understanding and will cooperate.

    I thought I was not going to have to worry about it by working in the community. It is everywhere. It is scarry.

    Take care, and remember to wash your hands!
  5. by   RNonsense
    Originally posted by JMP
    I think we need to keep our heads. I think people that post telling people to "stay home" and "refuse to go in" or to "quit" are being irresponsbile.

    This was one bit of advice to one nurse on this board. Before I comment further I will assume that the whole thread was not read prior to this post...
  6. by   askater11
    I hear hospitals in Essex and Windsor have stopped visiting help stop spreading SARS.

    My Uncle lives in Canada. Last month he came from China. He was sick. He's all better now but my Aunts sick.

    What kind of symptoms do patience with SARS have?
  7. by   nurseleigh
    Originally posted by JMP

    I think we need to keep our heads. I think people that post telling people to "stay home" and "refuse to go in" or to "quit" are being irresponsbile
    I think a few people namely

    passing thru

    deserve a heartfelt apology from you. Nobody said that Wendy should stay home because she is a nurse, only because of her medical condition!!! Maybe you should go back and actually READ the entire post before giving us your commentary.

    Don't you think it a little harsh to call these people "irresponsible" just for caring about another person? We are all a little scared of this, if you aren't then more power to ya.

    JEEZ. . .

    Wendy and all others that are dealing with this personally, take very good care of yourselves.
  8. by   JMP
    Listen, I can take the heat. I stand by what I said.

    I think we need to act responsibly. I think if a RN CHOOSES to be working in an acute care hospital and then certain risks go with the job. I work with RN's in a critical care setting, some are currently pregnant, some have lupus, some has asthma, you get my point.

    I was responding to the post telling Wendy to "quit her job and live on her credit cards if necessary". THis was not fostering the professional responsiblity I refered to in my earlier posts.

    I chose my area of nursing knowing full well that something might happen.....especially given the nature of the last two years in the world.

    I feel nursing as a group needs to support each other's ability not disability. Again, it is MY OPINION.
  9. by   JMP
    Originally posted by passing thru
    This reminds me of when AIDS was first diagnosed & there were doctors and nurses who refused to go near the patients.
    And a thread here about terrorist spraying of smallpox or botulism, etc. Nearly everyone said they would respond to the medical communitys calls for nurses to come to the hospital and help with the victims, re: "decontaminating them."
    I was one of the ones who said I wasn't going...and was I ever fflamed !

    Wendy, I'd get out my credit cards and stay home --quit the job-- if I was scared of it. And , right now, I'm scared of it.
    You may wind up staying home & living on credit cards for a couple of months.

    Or go to work, gown up, etc. and take a big bottle of clorox.
    From what I am reading, the causative agent "could" be infectious on doorKnobs and elevator buttons for up to 3-6 hours. No way you can sterilize every thing in the hospitall.
    What do you think? Why not call in sick for a couple-three days til you get more info about it. Are the docs going in to see the patients? If they are actually at the bedside, I'd probably go in.
    If they are calling from home for labs, status reports, >>>I'd stay home too.
    This was the post that got me... I think it was wrong to whip up a situation with the "call in sick for a few days" thing. I mean, I feel it just does not do the profession justice.

    Again MY opinion.
  10. by   Little One2
    Originally posted by askater11
    I hear hospitals in Essex and Windsor have stopped visiting help stop spreading SARS.

    My Uncle lives in Canada. Last month he came from China. He was sick. He's all better now but my Aunts sick.

    What kind of symptoms do patience with SARS have?

    Symptoms: Very high fever, cough, sob, dyspnea,

    It is a form of pneumonia
  11. by   nurseleigh
    Ohhh I see. . .

    Somebody giving THEIR opinion to a fellow nurse to stay home based on medical condition is bad. . .

    Calling others irresponsible because of that advise based on YOUR opinion is somehow supportive.

    That makes perfect sense, thanks for clearing it up.

    It is still MY opinion that if another nurse feels the need to stay home due to this disease, that is her/his choice to make and I am no better than her/him becuase I go to work.

  12. by   JMP
    Starts with flu symptoms--- extreme headache, body aches- ---- feels like you have been hit by truck.

    Then fever which is high--over 38 degrees C.

    Then the cough and shortness of breath. At this point, if untreated develops into pneumonia----resp failure. Can be seen at this point via chest x-ray.

    Deaths have been due to resp failure or muli-organ system failure due to hypoxia.
  13. by   JMP
    Listen Leigh. I pointed out the post.

    If you have a problem with my opinion....well.... you will have to have a problem with it.

    I too am living-working in this situation in a critical care area and therefore, just like everyone else am entilted to my own beliefs.

    I made a point earlier about RN's wanting more professional profiles. It has been a fairly common complaint. My point was that if we want to be taken seriously as a group of professionals... well we have to act like them. I think as a collective group sometimes we miss that point.

    This is a situation that calls for cool heads and strong hearts. We have to be.

    Am I scared? Yes.

    Do I think I am better than anyone else on the job? No.

    Do I think we have professional accountability in THIS situation. YOU BET.
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