San Diego Pay Rates.

  1. I am relocating to San Diego and need advice on pay rates and hospitals in the area. I want to work in either MSICU, CCU, ER, SICU, CVICU. Please help
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  3. by   prmenrs is the website of the newspaper [San Diego Union Tribune].

    Hospitals: UCSD Medical Center/Hillcrest or LaJolla
    Scripps Memorial Hospital, Scripps-Mercy, Scripps-Chula Vista (small), Sharp Memorial, Sharp-Chula Vista (small), Sharp-Grossmont, Veteran's Administration Hospital, Navy Regional Medical Center, Tri-city Medical Center, Palomar Hospital, Sharp-Coronado (small), Alvarado (?small). Who'd I miss?

    I'd check websites, e-mail recruiters. GOOD LUCK!
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    I forgot Kaiser.
  6. by   KRVRN
    Paradise Valley Hospital
    Children's Hospital

    Also check out rent and mortgage info before you have your decision made. The pay doesn't match the cost of living very well.
  7. by   CCURN
    How much is the hourly pay
  8. by   KRVRN
    AROUND $20 new grad, $25 experienced for staff nursing in the Sharp system (the biggest in the city). Scripps about the same. Kaiser, VA and UCSD pay a little more from what I've heard. I believe most of the hospitals are within a few dollars either way of each other. More with differentials.
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    That about right Prmenrs? Sjoe?
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    I'm retired!! HOWEVER.....

    The casual job I just applied for pays $30/hour. $4+ for nights.
  11. by   KRVRN
    Yeah, I was referring to FT. Per diems are all $30+
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    Another newspaper in North County San Diego is:
    which is online (North County Times).
    Heard that nurses at Tri-City took cuts in pay.