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Just before I arrived the night shift had responded to a code in the unit. Young woman, less than 12 hours postpartum, had severe PIH with a mag drip during labor, after the delivery and after family... Read More

  1. by   TazziRN
    Witchy, you will have a safe pregnancy and a happy delivery. I have declared it.

    On a sadder note, we found out yesterday that Mom has been declared brain dead.
  2. by   nuangel1
    witchy congrats and a happy healthy baby.takecare
  3. by   bethem
    We had a sad case recently on my clinical rotation. Bub was born on Friday morning. Grandpa (mum's dad) came in to see his first grandchild, thrilled up the wazoo. Grandad went home, had a huge AMI and died. Mum is still in hospital and got gate leave to attend the funeral. Awful, awful case. At least Grandad got to see the baby.
  4. by   redding-er-rn
    Quote from suni
    What is PIH for us non OB nurses
    I'm not an OB nurse, but it means Pregnancy Induced Hypertension....These patients can develop what is called HELLP syndrome which is Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelets. PT and PTT usually remain normal. Pt may complain of epigastric or right upper quadrant pain and usually affects multigravidas. It may mimic a gallbladder presentation or indigestion. Surgical pathology must be ruled out. Always keep this in mind if multigravid female presents with these problems. They will also be hypertensive, have protein in urine, edematous and also complain of headaches.
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  5. by   AngelCNA
    This is so sad. Prayers to the family!
    When my sister in law anounced she was pregnant last Aug. I feared that something similar would happen to her... more related to her severe Diabetes though. I thought my brother would be left to raise thier child alone. It was just a strange feeling that I got. She reassured me that they were following doctors orders to the T... and that everything would be fine. Unfortunately, something bad did happen to her. She was home alone one Saturday morning in Nov. and she passed out due to her diabetes and ended up drowning in their bathtub. She was dressed, which makes it all more freaky. I still can't wrap my mind around that one. Anyway, the autopsy revealed the baby to be a boy (13 weeks). She was 26. Tragedies happen and none of them make any sence.
    It makes me stress the importance to everyone to take good care of themselves.
    Again, prayers go out to this family!
  6. by   FOP-RN
    I truly feel for the family and for the staff. I had PIH, HELLP, DIC, ended up intubated and transferred to MICU after the birth of my daughter. I received 89 units over the course of it. An oncologist was called in to perform a life-saving hysterectomy...if not for that I would not be here or be an RN right now. It is a scary thing. And the staff remembers me 10 years later. So very sad to think of a child never knowing their mother.
  7. by   TazziRN
    Here's what's really sad: the staff called the doc several times during the night to tell him she was still hypertensive and had a right sided HA.
  8. by   Schmoo1022
    Oh My GOSH AngelCNA..My heart goes out to you and your brother..what a terrible thing to have happened!!

    I don't know how you OB, ER, NICU and Ped nurses do it. I am tearing up from reading these post. I get sad when an elderly resident passes on, but it is different, most of them are ready, have lived a full life or have suffered so long it is almost a blessing. To see all these young or even not so young people to die to tragicly is devasting. Thank god for nurses like you.
  9. by   MedSurgeMess
    Quote from suni
    What is PIH for us non OB nurses
    I'm not OB, but I think it stands for pregnancy induced hypertension
  10. by   rebel1
    we use the term - PIH -meaning pregnancy induced hypertension
  11. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    This is so sad. There's something about the sudden death of an otherwise healthy individual. It shocks you to the very core and goes against what we hope is the natural order of things (grow old first before you die, and never bury our children first).

    Posting here is a blessing; reminds all of us to take patient complaints seriously (right sided HA with hypertension vs)- even if Drs won't. I bet there's a doctor out there who won't be sleeping too well tonight...
  12. by   mariedoreen
    Why men should not be the majority body legislating on women's health issues...
  13. by   Bethy-lynn
    had a case not too long ago, will never forget that moment. Pt had delivered 2weeks before, been complaining ofleg pain ever since, came to units with HUGE PE, lasted long enough to have a greenfield filter placed, got sent back to us, then coded as air-care arrived. Pt had a seven y/o, plus the new-born, seperated from husband d/t physical abuse, and was only 28. Cried allot that day.