Rough weekend

  1. SORRY THIS IS LONG, I had to vent!!!!!

    Hey, I'll start off by officially introducing myself....I graduated from nursing school in may and am working as an RN on a pediatric and orthopedic floor at a 180 bed hospital. I just had the worst weekend ever!!! Saturday we were short one nurse, I was given one of the toughest assignments, and got limited help with my admission even though I helped the other 2 nurses with their admissions throughout the night. I also overheard the other nurses gossiping about me putting too much off on our CNA....I try my absolute hardest not to ask her to do things for me unless I cannot do them at that time. I put one of my patiets on the bed pan 6 times overnight without asking her help at all! Only once did I ask her to do it and that was because I was putting a foley in and buck's traction on my new admit. The next two nights went only a little bit better. Last night, I was given a patient that in my opinion was the most critical on our floor and should have been given to a more experienced nurse. I also got in trouble becasue out of the 3 CNA's that worked throughout the night, 2 of them are amazingly wonderful and I have complete respect for them. The other one has a work ethic that leaves a little to be desired, and she put one of my patients on a bed pan and took her off leaving a large wad of toilet paper stuck to her behind....I find it later and am in trouble with my supervisor because I didn't find it sooner than I did....YIKES....I hate to complain...I'm not wanting them to give me special treatment or anything...I just feel like now that I'm not being precepted anymore and have tried to do my best and be confident I am getting dumpped on...Is this normal...I hate asking for help now because of the gossiping...What can I do to earn more respect? Thanks for listening and letting me vent to y'all!
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  3. by   sjoe
    1) you are being dumped on
    2) yes, this is normal, unfortunately.
  4. by   CATHYW
    originally posted by sjoe
    1) you are being dumped on
    2) yes, this is normal, unfortunately.
    yup, but i wouldn't take it! if you feel that you are consistently being dumped on, be sure to record specific dates and times, and persons involved. then, after a week, take your concerns to your manager. if she/he doesn't listen and address the problem, go to the don for the hospital. if that doesn't work, just dig your heels in, and don't take any crap, or start looking elsewhere.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    It may be "normal" where you work, but you bet yer sweety bippy, it would fly like a fart in a wet suit w/me. SPEAK UP and don't just take it; or else the behavior of those coworkers will get worse. If it's that bad, and this sort of thing is indeed "normal" there, maybe you need to move on. I wish you well.
  6. by   meownsmile
    I can understand where you are coming from. Being a recent grad myself i have felt the same way with the teams I sometimes end up with. I figure i wont make to much of it right now because unfortunately the ones who have been there are the ones making the assignments and its going to be paying dues time. Not right,, but i guess thats the way it is.
    As far as the CNA's go,, it is your job to delegate, so if they had a problem with you asking them to take someone off a bedpan that you placed,, TOO BAD! They better be glad you placed it.
    Hang in there,, and if one of your patients ends up being more complicated than you can handle,, and the others wont help,, call the super,, thats what she's for too even if she gives you grief its better than letting it go.
    Good luck.
  7. by   Gator,SN
    I didn't know that CNA's got to decide what jobs they do and for whom they are done. Aaaaaa, does the NA stand for nursing assistant or what??
    OK, where do you work, I'm looking for a new job and since I won't have to do anything that I don't want to do, then it sounds perfect to me!

    If you have a critical patient then you will just have to ask the NA's for help.....if they like it or not is irrelevant to the situation.

    Good Luck!

  8. by   Gotalovethekids
    Thanks for all of your support!!! I am luckily off till Sunday so hopefully the break will do me good! The mixed up assignments seem to happen when certain people are charging and making assignments and have NO pitty so I'm keeping track of who and when these things happen. THANKS for the support and advice!

  9. by   melissa24

    You are doing yourself a huge favor simply by tracking when and with whom this happens. Some day you may need that info.

    Enjoy your break from deserve it. Welcome to allnurses. :kiss
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  11. by   Gotalovethekids
    Back to work it was last night and things went MUCH better!!! Better team working and I had a more reasonable team of patients with the exception of the fact that I had the patient that we were all expecting to code any moment. All I can say is thank the lord she made it through my shift!!! I also had another opportunity to care for a patient that I felt got put on the back burner last weekend and could devote more time to her care which I was happy about!!! All in all it was a great night...I hope tonight goes just a smoothly!!! THANKS AGAIN for all of your support!!! It is nice to have such encouragement!

  12. by   Gotalovethekids
    Finally two good nights in a row!!! And I wasn't sure this was possible. I got to leave on time again this morning!!! WAHOO!!!

    Thanks again for y'all's support